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Bayern hunt for goalkeeper: Sommer costs too much and so Kovacevic offers

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Bayern hunt for goalkeeper: Sommer costs too much and so Kovacevic offers

In Monaco they have already chosen Sommer to replace the injured Neuer, but Moenchengladbach want eight million. Too many. This is how the Bosnian who plays in Poland applied: he dreams of the Premier League, where he already has an offer, but he can only get there by going from a top league like the German one …

Made the law, found the deception. That was more or less the idea. Bayern Munich, given the injury of Manuel Neuer, is looking for a goalkeeper who can replace him in a worthy way. The favorite remains Yann Sommer, for whom Borussia Moenchengladbach are asking for 8 million euros. The Bavarians already have an agreement with the player, but are not willing to pay him much, considering that his contract is about to expire. “We need a goalkeeper, it’s clear to everyone – coach Nagelsmann publicly admitted -. We have to get one, there’s no doubt about it. If Ulreich were to get hurt now, what would we do? I should put a very young player who has never played professionally in the Champions League. They’d all call us crazy.”

The candidacy

This is why the research continues, even with some curious proposals. Like that of Vladan Kovacevic, the Bosnian goalkeeper owned by Rakow. The 24-year-old, through his agent Franjo Vranjkovic, contacted the Bavarians to offer himself at no cost. He would not have received even one euro. Not to show off with Bayern in the hope of being confirmed, but to find a way to go to England, his dream.

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Kovacevic’s plan was clear: Bayern shouldn’t have paid him a single euro in salary. This is because the goalkeeper’s goal is actually to play in the Premier League. In fact, a club has contacted him and would like to sign him, but the restrictions on foreigners don’t allow him to do so. In fact, to be bought by Premier clubs, you have to fall within certain parameters: the championship of origin must be of a certain level, but the Polish championship is not even among the top 10 in Europe. “An English club would be willing to buy him immediately and loan him to a team that plays in the best tournaments in Europe – explained Vranjkovic -. In six months, playing for Bayern, he could thus reach the Premier League and everyone would be happy. His club would collect an important amount, the English one would have the goalkeeper it wants, Bayern would solve the Neuer problem and Kovacevic would play in the Premier League”. Everyone except Nagelsmann and the Bavarian fans, who are probably expecting a signing with a better track record…

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