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Bayern prospect: 6 people or missed due to new crown injuries, data indicates tragedy_Augsburg

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Original title: Bayern’s prospect: 6 people may be absent due to new crown injuries and data indicate tragedy

At 3 o’clock in the morning on November 20th, Beijing time, the 12th round of the Bundesliga kicked off, Bayern challenged Augsburg away. As of now, Bayern leads the Bundesliga with 28 points in 11 rounds and is also in a 4-game winning streak in the league. The home team Augsburg has performed poorly in the new season, with 11 rounds of 9 points deep in the relegation zone.

Match record

Bayern team history and Augsburg played a total of 30 times, they have the absolute upper hand with 25 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. The last time the two sides played against each other half a year ago, Bayern won a 5-2 victory.

Aspect 1: Jule and other team members are diagnosed with the new crown, and Nashuai’s formation is affected

This time during the national team match day, Bayern players Jule and Stanisic were both diagnosed with the new crown, and the two players missed the visit to Ao Borg. In addition, three players, Kimmich, Gnabry, and Murciala, also became close contacts of the new crown last week and were placed under quarantine for observation. At the press conference, Nashuai did not make it clear whether Kimmich and the other three would be able to play, but just responded that the team will wait for the nucleic acid test results, and whether the three play or not still needs to be updated. Counting the minor injuries suffered by Koeman, after this national team match day, Nashua will face at least three people including Jule and Kimmich who are out of the game. This will also give him a lineup of troops. The array brought no small impact.

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Aspect 2: The barrel is hot, Lewandoon opens the daily goal mode?

This game will also be Lewand’s 50th game in all competitions this year. In the previous 49 games, he scored 62 goals and contributed 10 assists. On the national team match day, he played for Poland in one game and contributed 2 goals and 1 assist. The 33-year-old Polish striker is still in “horror”. This time against Augsburg, which has the second most conceded goals in the Bundesliga (20 goals), the opponent’s loose defense will also give Lewan more chances to score. It is worth mentioning that Lewand has scored 14 goals against Ao Borg in his career. This is also the player with the most goals in the history of the two teams. This time Lewand is expected to continue to improve this stat.

Aspect 3: Not afraid of the FIFA virus, Nanda King is emboldened?

Although this is the third time this season has experienced the impact of the national team recruitment, but compared to other teams suffering from the FIFA virus, the strong and powerful Nan Dawang seems to be full of confidence. After the return of the previous two national team recruitment periods, Bayern successively created a big score “tragedy” in the subsequent league, including a 4-1 away win over Leipzig in September, and a 5-1 away win over Leverkusen in October. Although Jule and other players did not have the chance to play, Bayern with sufficient reserves on all fronts is not very empty. They have scored 40 goals in 11 rounds in the new season. Under the leadership of Lewan Muller, they have sufficient firepower protection. Perhaps tonight is still the same. A tragedy.

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Injury list:

Augsburg: Stroeb (missing injury), Bazze (missing injury), F-Jensen (suspecting injury), Fenbogazon (suspecting injury)

Bayern: Stanisic (new crown confirmed), Jule (new crown confirmed), Koeman (missing injury), Alfonso Davis (suspected), Kimmich (new crown quarantine pending), Gnabry (New crown quarantine pending), Murciala (New crown quarantine pending)

Predicted starting:

Augsburg (451): Gikiwitz/Pederson, Oxford, Gveliu, Gumi/Kalijuri, Gruezo, Mayr, Vargas, Hahn/Nedletcher Na

Bayern (4231): Neuer/Paval, Upamecano, Lucas, Richards/Gretzka, Sabitzer/Müller, Sane, Supomotin/LewanReturn to Sohu to see more


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