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Bayern VS Barcelona preview: red and blue last match Lewandg lost the golden ball to vent the fire? _Harvey_Nashuai_This season

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Original title: Bayern VS Barcelona preview: Red and blue last match Lewandg lost the golden ball to vent the fire?

At 4 o’clock in the morning on December 8, Beijing time, the final round of the Champions League group stage kicked off, Bayern vs. Barcelona. Since the group stage, Bayern has led the group with 5 wins and has secured the top spot in advance. The visiting team Barcelona temporarily ranked second in the group with 7 points in 5 rounds, only 2 points ahead of third place Benfica.

Hand record

Bayern has played a total of 12 times with Barcelona. They have the upper hand with 8 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Bayern have won 5 of the past 6 matches, and they have scored 14 goals in the past 3 games.

Aspect 1: Regrettably lose the golden ball, Lewand “hot” to Barcelona tonight?

In the previous Ballon d’Or selection, the loudly vocal Lewand eventually lost to Paris star Messi in second place, which also caused widespread controversy in the football circle. And a week after the Golden Globe Awards, Lewandg will meet with Messi’s former club Barcelona, ​​which also makes the game full of topicality. This time in the face of Barcelona, ​​which has not yet ensured to qualify, Lewand’s performance has also attracted attention from the outside world. It is worth mentioning that in the history of the two sides, Lewand scored a total of 7 goals. He is also the player with the most goals in the history of Bayern and Barcelona. In the first round of the season, Lewand also scored twice in the Nou Camp. Returning to Allianz at home tonight, Lewand is expected to continue his state.

Aspect 2: Shortcoming major generals, Nagelsman’s formation is limited

After defeating Dortmund 3-2 in the German national derby last week, Bayern eased the decline caused by the lack of many players in the team. But the question before Nagelsman is still intuitive, and there are still many people unable to play in the battle with Barcelona tonight. At the pre-match conference, the Nashuai called to confirm that the four players Gretzka, Gnabry, Shupomotin, and Sabitzer will miss out due to varying degrees of injury. Although Kimmich is about to lift the quarantine, Nashuai also made it clear that the players will not be able to play. Coupled with other players who have not been named but whose injury is in doubt, the situation of multiple players being unable to play still limits the Nashuai. At the same time, under the severe schedule of double matches in a week, Nashuai may also take a proper rotation of the team lineup as it has already steadily qualified.

Aspect 3: Impact to a complete victory, Bayern’s second group victory in three years?

As of now, Bayern has secured the top spot in advance with 5 wins in the group stage. Under the premise that the results of the final round will not affect the team’s situation, the hope of Bayern’s generals has become a record of total victory. In the previous two seasons in the Champions League, Bayern have achieved group unbeaten results. In the 2019-20 season, Bayern won 6 games in the same group as Tottenham, and they qualified with 5 wins and 1 draw last season. Tonight against the Red and Blues at home, if Bayern can win the game again, they will complete the group unbeaten record for the third consecutive year. And considering that Bayern, who won the 2019-20 season, won the Champions League all the way in a row, if they can win Barcelona tonight, this will also be a good chance for Bayern to compete for the Champions League in the new season.

Aspect 4: The key battle to qualify, Barcelona let it go away

Compared with Bayern’s worry-free qualifying, the visiting team Barcelona is facing the desperate situation of a last stand on the road. As of now, Barcelona ranks second in the group with 7 points in 5 rounds. They are only 2 points ahead of Benfica. If they fail to score 3 points on Bayern in the last round, they will play at home against Kiev’s Benfica in the same round. Overtaking can be achieved by getting off Kiev.

Tonight is undoubtedly a deadly away game for Barcelona, ​​and similar to Bayern, they are also suffering from injuries. Forward Fati missed due to a knee injury, while Pedri, Aguero, Roberto and Blaise Waite continued. Absence, this also makes their big list even recruit B team striker Ilias. In order to complete the qualifying task, Barcelona can only fight to the death in the away game.

Aspect 5: Harvey faces the toughest battle since taking office, can Barcelona DNA show its power

Since taking office last month, Barcelona coach Harvey has led the team with a record of 2 wins and 1 tie in the first three games, slightly reversing the team’s downturn at the beginning of the season. But in the last round of the league, Harvey, who was underemployed, ushered in his first defeat after taking office. The team lost 0-1 at home to Betis, which also made Barcelona, ​​with 23 points in 15 rounds, created the worst in the same period in 18 years. League record.

Although Harvey, as a legend in the team, has improved the morale of the team after taking office, it is obvious that just playing chicken blood can not make up the gap in team strength. This time leading the team to lead Bayern in the away team, Harvey needs to be more cautious in the tactical layout to take away the points. And tonight, it will also be a key battle to test the coaching ability of the Barcelona DNA coach.

Injury list:

Bayern: Gretzka (injury), Gnabry (injury), Sabice (injury), Thrall (injury), Stanisic (injury), Supomotin (injury) ), Kusans (injury), Kimmich (isolation)

Barcelona: Braithwaite (injury), Pedri (injury), Fati (injury), Aguero (injury), Roberto (injury)

Predicted starting:

Bayern (4231): Neuer/Omar-Richards, Kwasi, Jule, Pavar/Tolisso, Rocca/Sane, Muller, Musyara/Lewan

Barcelona (433): Ter Stegen/Alba, Pique, Araujo, Deste/De Jong, Busquets, Gaby/Dembele, Depay, Luke De JongReturn to Sohu to see more


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