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Bayern’s dominance in the Bundesliga this season is hard to change – yqqlm

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Bayern’s dominance in the Bundesliga this season is hard to change – yqqlm

Original title: This season’s Bundesliga inventory Bayern’s dominance pattern is difficult to change

On the 29th, the Bundesliga season came to an end. Although Bayern stumbled all the way, they still completed 11 consecutive championships. Although Dortmund has the same 71 points as Bayern, they ended up in runner-up due to a 15-goal difference. This also means that the Bundesliga has long been dominated by Bayern, and the general pattern of Dortmund’s running and chasing is still difficult to shake.

Bayern have had a poor season

This season, Dortmund has posed an unprecedented threat to Bayern. Does this mean that they have performed very well? the answer is negative. In the past 4 seasons including this season, Bayern and Dortmund ranked the top two in 3 seasons. Among them, Dortmund’s three runner-up scores were 71 points, 69 points and 69 points, and the goal difference was 39 points. 1, 33 and 43, Dortmund’s goal difference this season is still less than that of the 2019-2020 season. It can be seen that Dortmund’s performance this season has only maintained the standard compared with the past, at most it has improved slightly, and it has not been particularly brilliant.

So why is Bayern so embarrassed along the way? The reason is that my performance is too hip! The difference between Bayern’s 11 consecutive championships and the runner-up is 25 points, 19 points, 10 points, 10 points, 15 points, 21 points, 2 points, 13 points, 13 points, 5 points and 0 points this season. It can be seen that it is normal for Bayern to lead the runner-up by double digits, and it is only 2 times in single digits, and it is the first time that it has the same score as the runner-up. However, in the eyes of Bayern’s board of directors, this is also a great shame.

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From Bayern’s immediate announcement at the end of the season that Kahn, chairman of the club’s board of directors, and Salihamidzic, director of sports, dismissed get out of class, it can be seen how dissatisfied the board of directors is with two of the club’s Big Three. The overall performance was dissatisfied, and instead of making a lenient just because they finally won the championship, they were punished immediately, and the two of them had to bear the blame.

Bayern has won 21 games in the Bundesliga this season, 3 games, 3 games and 5 games less than the previous three seasons, and even one less win than Dortmund, and the goals are also 5 and 7 less than the previous three seasons. and 8. Looking at the Bundesliga scorer list, you will find that there are no Bayern players in the top four. Gnabry scored 14 goals and ranked fifth, and Musiala scored 12 goals and ranked eighth.

In the previous three seasons, former Bayern striker Lewandowski had monopolized the Bundesliga top scorer list with 35, 41 and 34 goals respectively. This season he moved to Barcelona and still dominated La Liga with 23 goals Top scorer. Lewandowski’s departure had a great impact on Bayern’s offensive end. After all, Mane, who was regarded as Lewandowski’s successor, only scored 7 goals and could not fill the gap left by Lewandowski. In fact, Lewandowski’s role is not only to score goals, he is the fulcrum of Bayern’s entire offensive system. Everyone and all tactics in the team revolve around him. Mane obviously cannot play such a role. The offensive end has a big impact.

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In fact, it’s not that Bayern’s top management didn’t find a way to deal with the team’s plight. Fired the coach Nagelsmann and replaced him with Tuchel, which is the specific action taken by the club. In the first game after Tuchel took office, Bayern defeated Dortmund 4-2, which made the relegation situation turn a corner. It’s just that Bayern’s problems have been lingering, and the subsequent losses to Mainz and Leipzig have made the situation that once improved worse.

It’s a pity that Dortmund “can’t help it”

Since Bayern is so weak this season, why can’t Dortmund fail to knock Bayern off the throne after all? In a nutshell – a lean camel is bigger than a horse, and this camel is far from dead, at most sick. The total value of Bayern and Dortmund ranks the top two in the Bundesliga, but there is a big gap. Bayern is 980 million euros, and Dortmund is 546 million. The former is 434 million euros more, and the extra part is even ranked second than Leverkusen. All four are worth more than 422 million euros in total. Bochum, which has the lowest total value in the Bundesliga, is only 47.75 million euros. It can be seen that Bayern is a giant in the Bundesliga.

This season, Dortmund has occupied the leading position 3 times in total, and did not score 3 points in the next round. In the 26th round, the German National Derby lost 2-4 to Bayern as a guest, and gave up before it was overheated. Then it was 3-3 by Stuttgart with 11 to 10 and a half-time lead of 2 goals, and missed the chance to overtake. In the 30th round, Dortmund was a guest at Bochum 1-1. The referee Stigman turned a blind eye to Adeyemi being brought down in the penalty area. This was the case again in the last round. It can be seen that Dortmund now lacks the determination and strength to wrestle with Bayern.

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In the past, there was a saying in the German football circle that “the entire Bundesliga raises one Bayern”, which means that all the good seedlings from other clubs have gone to Bayern. A similar situation is still the same today. Bayern lost to Leipzig in the last round, and the opponent was elected the best player of the game. The iron waist Lemer, who contributed 12 successful steals in this game, was rumored before the game that he will transfer to Bayern this summer when his contract expires. News, after the game, some media asked about this matter, he was vague, and finally revealed his tone: “It feels good to play at the Allianz Arena!” This is exactly the same as Bayern hard-earned Lewandowski from Dortmund. If this situation does not change, Bayern’s dominance will be difficult to shake.

This season is a rare good opportunity for Dortmund to reach the top, but it is a pity that they failed to grasp it. It will be even more difficult to win the championship in the future.

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