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Bears, deer, wild boar. Close encounters. “I’ll explain the behavior to take”

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Gorizia, November 18, 2021 – Thebaby Bear ended up on the tree in the center of Gorizia and recovered by the fire brigade is only the latest ‘close encounter’ with animals confined to the forest until yesterday. Like the bear that a Frosinone he climbed up to balcony at home, on Halloween night, a man jumped from the terrace, panicked. And there is not only the deer walking around the streets of the center a Civitella Alfedena (L’Aquila) but also the one who attacked a couple in the center of Tarvisio (Udine). Not to mention the wild boars, which are now depopulated in the city centers.

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What’s going on? Three questions a Luca Lapini, zoologist.

Why these close encounters?

“The cause is always ours. Today we tried to make amends for ancient mistakes, improving the wildlife situation. But there is a minimum common denominator, the increase of the forest cover on the Alps and the Apennines. A mantle like this hadn’t been there for 2,000 years. Furthermore, the wildlife protection policy and various reintroduction initiatives did the rest. At a time of global biodiversity crisis, we can only be happy. But we have to get used to it. And it is good to change your attitude towards these presences “.

What behavior to have?

You have to keep one right distance. The most common mistake, feeding these animals. This explains the serious episode of Tarvisio, that deer was kept in sandwiches by the condominium. He had been imprinted and considered himself a man. For this he attacked, because he considered the person in front of him as a rival in love “.

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What mistakes to avoid?

Don’t feed the animals and don’t leave rubbish lying around. Intervene if necessary in the most problematic situations. Remembering that the ecological balance in an anthropized world also depends on us. We just need to try to change our attitude. Respect and pragmatism are increasingly necessary “.

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