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beat Brazil in South American U-20

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beat Brazil in South American U-20

The Colombian U-20 women’s national team made headlines this Saturday after defeating the Brazilian national team in a thrilling match during the last date of the group stage of the South American category. The tricolor team secured a 2-1 victory over Canarinha with goals from Juana Sofía Ortegón and Gabriela Rodríguez at the Modelo Alberto Spencer Herrera stadium.

The match saw Colombia take the lead with Ortegón’s header in the 66th minute, followed by Rodríguez doubling the score in the 73rd minute with a precise shot to the far post. Despite a late goal from Brazil’s Pamela Santos, Colombia held on to secure the win.

With this victory, Colombia now leads Group B of the South American category with 12 points, while Brazil sits in second place with nine points. The Colombian team’s impressive performance has placed them in a strong position as they advance to the next stage of the competition.

Fans and supporters of the Colombian U-20 women’s national team are celebrating this significant win, which showcases the team’s talent and determination on the field. The players’ exceptional skills and teamwork have earned them a well-deserved spot in the spotlight as they continue their pursuit of success in the tournament.

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