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Beijing Express 2022, here are the ten pairs. All the news of the Sky trip

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Rome, 26 September 2021 – Unveiled the ten pairs of the new ‘Beijing Express‘, the first trip with a license plate Sky. The adventure game, produced by Banijay Italia, will start in 2022 and (left Raidue) will be visible on Sky and streaming on Now. With many news and a certainty. At the helm of the show is once again the eclectic Costantino della Gherardesca.

I competitors at the start there are 20, ten couples, who will face the ‘Route of the Sultans‘: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Here they will meet the more diverse cultures: the splendor of the Ottoman era with its Greek and Roman influences, Sufi mysticism, traces of the ancient Hittites, Mongols, Persians, Bedouins and Nabataeans. Couples in competition they will travel on the same roads traveled by the Crusaders, Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane: they will leave from and cross Istanbul, the ‘Sublime gate’, and then reach the dazzling Samarkand along the Silk Road. They will discover the hidden treasures of the mysterious Petra up to the futuristic Dubai, a true symbol of conjunction between our world and that of the Sultans.

Another novelty of this edition is that the couples will not only move by hitchhiking, but will cross the desert in dromedary, they will get on trains, tractors, boats and will have to face tough walking routes. There winning couple will receive a final cash prize which will be donated to one of the Ong operating in the countries visited during the edition.

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Here are the ten pairs that make up the cast. The walker Alex Schwazer (36 years old) competes with Bruno Fabbri (63 years old), one of the most accredited sports doctors in Italy and together they form ‘The Athletics‘. The former football player and coach Ciro Ferrara (54 years old) participates with the son Giovambattista (20 years old) and they are the couple ‘Father and son‘.

The couple ‘The scientists‘ It’s composed by Darkbeard X (34 years old) e Andrea Boscherini, the former is a graduate in organic chemistry with a doctorate in green chemistry, the latter is an expert in natural sciences.

The Fidanzatini‘are, instead Rita Rusic (61 years old), film producer, actress and model of Croatian descent, and her young partner Christian Di Luzio (31 years old). They are young and well-known on social networks Anna Ciati (22 years old) e Giulia Paglianiti (20 years): ‘The TikToker‘(over one million followers each).

The presenter Victoria Cabello (46 years old) and his friend Paride Vitale (44 years old), expert in communication strategies, form the couple ofThe Crazy ‘, while Wife (Gianluca Colucci, 26 years old) e Aurora Leone (22 years) of the collective The Jackal are ‘The jackals‘. Then there is the couple ‘Italy-Brazil‘composed by the models Nikita Pelizon (27 years old) e Helena Prestes (31 years old).

Finally there are the ‘Independent‘, couple composed by the singer Bugo (48 years old) and his best friend Cristian Dondi (46 years old), isMother and daughter‘or the former model and presenter Natasha Stefanenko (52 years old) with her daughter Sasha Sabbioni (21 years).

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