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Beijing media: CBA coaching change tide or multiple teams will change coaches within a month – yqqlm

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Beijing media: CBA coaching change tide or multiple teams will change coaches within a month – yqqlm

Original title: Beijing media: CBA coaching change tide or multiple teams will change coaches within a month

For most teams, the season is already over, and that means the beginning of change and adjustment. In the playoffs, after the Shougang team was upset and defeated by the Jilin team, the head coach Yannis, who had coached the Shougang team for 5 years, was dismissed from get out of class and no longer served as the team head coach. After the Zhejiang team was eliminated by the defending champion Guangdong team in the playoffs, Liu Weiwei, who had also coached the Zhejiang team for 5 years, offered to resign, and he broke up with the Zhejiang team. But in fact, the dismissal of the two famous coaches is likely to be just the beginning of the change of CBA coaches.

Yannis sacks get out of class, Liu Weiwei resigns

According to a number of information obtained by reporters from Beijing Youth Daily, some teams that have entered the quarter-finals this year, individual teams whose performance has declined significantly this season, and even some teams that have achieved breakthrough results, may change their coaching positions. . The main reason for this is that the performance did not meet the expectations of the outside world and the management, but there are also cases where the coach’s departure is an active choice.

If the team’s performance fails to reach the season goal or falls far short of the goal, someone in the team must bear the main responsibility, and the head coach is undoubtedly the first responsible person. In this regard, whether it is the NBA or the CBA is true. Yannis is the most typical example. The Shougang team’s lineup this season makes their goal of the season to enter the semi-finals or even strive for better results, but the cruel fact that they stopped in the first round of the playoffs, as well as the choice of on-the-spot formation and game strategy , which makes Yannis unable to continue to serve as the coach of the Shougang team. Yanis’ dismissal was not unexpected.

In contrast, Liu Weiwei’s resignation at the post-match press conference was abrupt, even surprising the team’s management. In the five years that Liu Weiwei coached the Zhejiang team, the team has completed a huge transformation. Guard Wu Qian has grown into one of the top players in the league. Wang Yibo, Liu Zeyi, etc. also gradually emerged in the league and occupied a place. The Zhejiang team has been promoted to the top four grades from the mid-level level of the previous regular season, and has entered the ranks of the league’s strong teams. However, the fact that the Zhejiang team has not been able to go further in the playoffs in the past two years, as well as the poor selection of foreign aid this season, has prevented them from piercing the layer of window paper for the playoffs, which has also become overwhelming. The camel’s last straw. Liu Weiwei believes that the coaching of the Zhejiang team has come to a bottleneck period. In addition to physical and family reasons, he has asked for resignation more than once this season.

In the next month or more teams will change coaches

The resignation of Yannis and Liu Weiwei only opened the prelude to the changes of CBA coaches this summer. Several other teams are likely to change head coaches over the next month. Some of the coaches must have left the post, which surprised the outside world. This may involve the top eight teams in the playoffs, as well as some teams in the middle and lower ranks of the regular season. Some people in the relevant teams, including some players, have heard some news. Since some teams are likely to focus again in May to start preparations for the new season, there will be news about the change of the head coach in the past month.

Find the best option for you

Finding the one that suits you is the best option. After these CBA coaches are dismissed from get out of class, they will trigger a new wave of coaching changes in the CBA. Because when more famous coaches become optional objects, for teams whose coaching performance has failed to meet expectations or teams that urgently need to change, they are likely to join the ranks of coaching change teams. And these coaches who have been dismissed or are basically determined to leave, they still have a high value. For example, after a coach is out of class, the management of several teams got in touch with him.

For the team, changing coaches is like changing knives. But for coaches, it may mean “trees move to death, people move to live”. In this regard, the most typical example this season is undoubtedly Zhang Degui and the Tianjin team. Zhang Degui has coached many teams in Fujian, Shanxi and Beijing Enterprises before, and has rich coaching experience. This season, Zhang Degui first came to Tianjin as an assistant coach, and then he became the team’s head coach after the foreign head coach Caesar was dismissed at the beginning of the season. According to the characteristics of the players, Zhang Degui established the Tianjin team’s distinctive style of “running and shooting” and achieved great success. The Tianjin team entered the playoffs again after 8 years this season, becoming the biggest dark horse in the league.

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