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Beijing Olympic Museum displays the glorious history of “Double Olympic City”-Sports-China Engineering Network

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The Beijing Olympic Museum is set to reopen at the end of 2023 after undergoing more than two years of upgrades and renovations. The museum, which covers a total area of 26,199 square meters, is responsible for the research, collection, protection, display, collection, and education of Olympic collections. It is an important institution for the inheritance of Olympic cultural heritage. The museum aims to inspire more people, especially children, to actively participate in sports and feel the Olympic spirit.

Champion athletes such as Tong Wen, Ye Qiaobo, Deng Yaping, Wu Dajing, and Han Xiaopeng have donated personal collections to the Beijing Olympic Museum. These donations are intended to inspire more people to feel the Olympic spirit and relive the glorious moments of the Olympics. The museum features a range of exhibits that showcase the process of bidding for, preparing for, and hosting the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2022 Winter Olympics.

“The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the 2022 Winter Olympics are not only two sports events, but also a grand event for mankind to overcome challenges, break down barriers and establish connections,” said Tamar, an IOC member and Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Culture and Olympic Heritage Committee. He added that the completion of the Beijing Olympic Museum demonstrates the vitality of the Olympic movement on a global scale and the continued influence of the Olympic spirit.

The museum’s indoor exhibition highlights the elements of the Beijing Double Olympics and consists of a preface hall, a basic exhibition hall, an interactive exhibition area, and a temporary exhibition area. It consists of 1,394 exhibits and a large number of wonderful pictures and videos, comprehensively showing the impact of the two Olympic Games on promoting the development of the host city, and China’s contribution to the Olympic Movement.

The Beijing Olympic Museum aims to serve as a living treasure trove, allowing every generation to be closely connected with the Olympic spirit and legacy. As the museum prepares to reopen its doors, it is expected to once again showcase the glorious history of the “Double Olympic City” and inspire future generations to actively participate in sports and embrace the Olympic spirit.

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