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Belgium VS France Preview: World 1PK World Champion Red Devils Revenge_Semifinals

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Original Title: Belgium VS France Preview: World 1PK World Champion Red Devils Revenge

At 2:45 am on October 8th, Beijing time, another game of the 2020-2021 UEFA Europa League semi-finals kicked off. Belgium and France will fight at the Allianz Stadium, the home stadium of Juventus, Italy.

Confrontation record

In the history of international A-level events, the two teams have faced each other in 74 games. Belgium has a slight advantage with 30 wins, 19 draws and 25 losses, scoring 160 goals and conceding 128 goals. Despite the superior results in the history of the confrontation between the two sides, Belgium has only won one game against France in the past five times in various competitions. At that time, the European Red Devils won 4-3 in a friendly match in 2015. The last time the two teams met was in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, when France relied on Umtiti’s goal to defeat Belgium 1-0 to advance to the final.

Aspect 1: World‘s No. 1 PK World Champion

With the growth of the golden generation of De Bruyne and Lukaku, Belgium has been ranked first in the world for a long time in recent years, but it is quite embarrassing that it has not won a championship or even the finals. pass. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the European Red Devils were once regarded as one of the favorites to win the championship, but they failed to get tickets to the final because they lost to France 0-1 in the semifinals. In the European Cup held this summer, Belgium once again succumbed to the optimistic situation, and its status as the world‘s number one was once again questioned. Now that France meets in the UEFA Europa League semi-finals, the Gaul Roosters will re-examine the world‘s best quality of the European Red Devils. Whether the latter can break through the bottleneck and go further, we will wait and see!

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Aspect 2: Time? Fate?Belgium welcomes revenge

The 2018 World Cup can be called the peak of Belgium. Because of the existence of world-class stars such as De Bruyne, Hazard and Lukaku, the European Red Devils had all the prerequisites to win the World Championship. In fact, they played smoothly at the time. They never expected to meet France in the semifinals. What is more unexpected is that Martinez’s team eventually lost the game, not only lost the promotion to the finals. The opportunity, but also the conditions for France to win the championship. In the UEFA Europa League final three years later, the two teams met again on a narrow road, which is undoubtedly a good opportunity for revenge for Belgium. Although compared to the World Cup and the European Cup, the UEFA Champions League is a bit tasteless, but if it can successfully defeat the Gaul Roosters and advance to the finals, Belgium can be regarded as a sigh of disgust for itself!

Aspect 3: The alarm of internal strife is lifted, and France may continue to be undefeated

As the winner of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, France is unanimously favored by the outside world in the European Cup held this summer. However, what I never expected was that although the Gaul Roosters led by Deschamps qualified as the first in the group, they lost to the second-tier team Switzerland in the quarter-finals with an upset penalty kick. Before the game, some media reported that infighting was the culprit responsible for France’s premature exit in the current European Cup, and Mbappé, the striker’s leading player, was even behind it. Now that the internal conflict alarm is lifted and the team is unified, the Gaul Roosters naturally hope to prove themselves again and continue their undefeated record. Statistics show that the number of unbeaten times in the 90-minute regular game in France has continued to 14 games. The last time they lost in regular game time was a friendly match against Finland on November 12 last year. Lost 0-2.

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Pre-match public opinion

Martinez (Belgium coach): We are very looking forward to participating in this game, because our opponent is the Russian World Cup champion France. This opponent will cause us a lot of trouble, but for us, this game has nothing to do with revenge. We just need to keep moving forward at our current pace. Our goal is to advance to the finals, and everyone will go all out.

Deschamps (French coach): I think we are all eager to participate in the UEFA Europa League final. In general, there is always a strong competitive relationship between two neighboring countries. After the World Cup in Russia, there were a lot of opinions and opinions, but everyone still respected each other very much. This will be a wonderful game between two high-level teams, and the players are very happy to be able to participate in this level of competition.

First forecast

Belgium (3-4-2-1): Courtois/Aldervereld, Boyata, Vergenton/Munier, Tillermans, Witsel, Castagne/Azza De Bruyne/Lukaku

France (4-3-1-2): Lori/Paval, Varane, Kimpembe, Hernandez/Rabiot, Joan Ameni, Pogba/Griezman/ Benzema, MbappéReturn to Sohu to see more


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