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Believe in unrelenting efforts to show confidence in defeating the epidemic-the opening of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games_General Administration of Sports

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Believe in unrelenting efforts to show confidence in defeating the epidemic-the opening of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games

Release time: 2021-07-24
Source: China Sports News
Author: Lin Jian/Wen Weizheng/Picture

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On the evening of July 23, the opening ceremony of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games was held at the New National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Although the Olympic Games were postponed for one year due to the global epidemic, with the joint efforts of all parties, the Olympic flame was successfully ignited.

Affected by the epidemic, there were no spectators at the opening ceremony, only about 6,000 athletes and officials from various delegations, about 900 people related to the Olympic Games, politicians from various countries, and more than 3,500 media reporters. Countless viewers around the world witnessed the grand opening of the Olympic Games through TV broadcast.

In March last year, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games announced that it would be postponed for one year. One year later, the Tokyo Olympics was successfully held. This makes the theme of the Olympic Games “Moving Forward” and the theme slogan of the Tokyo Olympics “United by Emotion” more prominent.

The opening ceremony started with sportsmen under the epidemic-under the epidemic, global sportsmen can only choose to train alone and suffer from their inner sufferings, but through a light at the end of the tunnel, everyone still gathers in Tokyo and is bathed in the Olympic sunshine. Down. This demonstrates the confidence and determination of mankind to unite and overcome the epidemic.

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The theatrical performances at the opening ceremony were equally impressive: many actors performed Japanese traditional woodworking crafts, and the wooden Olympic rings were grown from trees planted by athletes from all over the world during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Made of wood, the memory of the Olympic Games spanning nearly 60 years is continued and passed on at this moment.

As the Greek sports delegation entered the stadium, the athletes entered the stadium. Different from the previous Olympic Games opening ceremony, the Olympic delegations went around the stadium a week. This time they only crossed the stadium, but the active and sunny spirit of the athletes was impressive. In order to promote the principle of “gender equality” advocated by the International Olympic Committee, most of the sports delegations this time have two athletes, one man and one woman, as the standard bearers.

The 110th Chinese sports delegation, dressed in red and white outfits, entered the stadium. They were energetic and energetic. Chinese women’s volleyball leader Zhu Ting and Taekwondo player Zhao Shuai jointly served as the standard bearers of the opening ceremony. The Chinese sports delegation sent 777 people to Tokyo this time, including 431 athletes, creating the largest scale of participation outside of our country.

The host of the Japanese sports delegation finally entered the stadium, wrestling world champion Susaki Yui and basketball player Hachimura Shoji jointly served as standard bearers.

As the admission ceremony was completed, the Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” appeared on the scene, and “more united” passed by the 138th plenary meeting of the International Olympic Committee just convened was also added, reiterating this The theme of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.

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Hashimoto Seiko, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said in his speech that he would like to welcome the opening of the Tokyo Olympics with all athletes from all over the world gathered in Tokyo and all those who support the Olympics.

IOC President Bach said in his speech that 205 national and regional Olympic committees and IOC refugee sports delegations gathered under the same roof in the Olympic Village. This is the power of sports unity, which conveys unity, peace and harmony. Perseverance brings hope to our future journey.

In the exciting part of lighting the torch, the torch came to the famous tennis player Naomi Osaka after 5 torchbearers. The former world women’s singles first and third tennis Grand Slam champion stepped onto the torch stage and lit the crystal petal-shaped brazier. , The Tokyo Olympics kicked off.

On July 24, the current Olympic Games will start in full. In the next 16 days, 33 major events will produce 339 gold medals. The Olympic Games will close on August 8. (Reproduced from the 01 edition of China Sports Daily on July 24)

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