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Benetton Rugby, a recovery from Leoni is not enough: in Belfast Ulster wins 28-8

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BELFAST (NORTHERN IRELAND). They defend the Lions with the man less, splendidly, the scrum holds in 7 against 8, and Marin is forgiven two previous errors in a row, in series, tackling Moore. They could also go up the field, and defend the 3-point lead pending the end of the inferiority. Not at all: in a few minutes a forest of mistakes and fouls committed stupidly, useless – right Braley? true Sperandio? – pave the way for Ulster, giving meters and balls almost in series. Ulster thanks triggers its deadly maul, helmed by Herring, 200 caps with the Northern Irish franchise and solitary entry as a tribute, with a child in her arms.

The first time Treviso is saved (obstruction on Lamaro certified by the Tmo), but then it is Gilroy to mock Rhyno Smith, guilty of not anticipating and waiting too long, on a malicious cross from Burns. Not over: Herbst and Pasquali leave a hole in defense by not lining up, a wedding invitation for Mc Cann, 20 years old and a great future ahead of him, who returns the ball to Doak who flies in vain and belatedly chased by Smith and Sperandio. The winger shows up on a play on the board, but the support of the trevigiani forwards leads to a held, and there Ulster goes up again, Treviso is foul, and yet another penaltouche is this time concluded by Harrnig in a leap. In a flash, it’s 21-3, and goodnight, without the renewed Benetton breaking the inertia.

Coach Bortolami recorded limits of personality and leadership in the XV of the first half, stumbled on the first difficulties. There is even the possibility of putting a patch – penaltouche at the end, thanks to the first line, but the pack does not support Nemer, and Jacobs whistles kept, also ignoring a clear advantage or precedent. Too bad, after the good initial approach – penalty, precision, defense, recovery of 4 balls to the opponents, and Marin’s initial advantage.

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It starts again, and the first assault of the second half culminates in another lost touch. Then a stolen one, but Sperandio (where did the “Calu” of the hat-trick go?) Goes forward. A dripping, Ulster does not person a mistake, let alone gifts in series. The front line still grows, and in attack two good plays (one on Ratuya with Steyn’s break), another from touch – Hume pays with the yellow – fair referee – and on the fray Braley changes sides for Tavuyara, who sows Gilroy with a feint and then breaks through on Doak: 211-0. Even regrets, at that point, for wasted opportunities: Leoni, you could get back into the match. But if new forward arrive in superiority and other touches are not found (Marin, not just drops you live), if the touch is struggling like never recently (4 losses), it is useless to hope to score points, even just the bonus point. The hopes vanish on a grubber of Morisi covered very well by the extreme Addison.

Feelings of strong perplexity remain. Poorly tuned, if not level players. Of Leoni who played more with flames than with continuity. Of sectors of the game (high kicks, just to name one) that continue to be a pain, and to cause heavy damage. It is a pity, because with more attention, more focus on the match, especially on hot balls, Treviso could have played it.

Among the returning players, Traorè is good, and Pettinelli and Ratuva are also positive, but the whole front line is not disappointed. Then in the final Ulster finds the thrust of the pack, to settle in the 22 and find the goal of the bonus, again with Doak. As far as we have seen on the field, the 28-8 is certainly not true. But there was no comparison on concreteness, rigor and discipline. To say: Benetton 6 times in the 22, only 1 goal. Meditate, Leoni.

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