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Benetton Rugby puts its heart into it but Munster wins 40-30 in Treviso

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Benetton Rugby puts its heart into it but Munster wins 40-30 in Treviso

A dot. Minimum prize for a big-hearted Benetton, without national teams but capable of putting the Red Army on the ropes, ending the first half with an advantage and also having the opportunities to hit the big target. But Munster’s experience and the shortlist available for Bortolami eventually pay off: the Irish win 40-30

The game begins and the teams study each other without finding openings. The Lions will take care of uncorking the game. Great corridor generated by Drago that splits the defense of Munster, recycling for the race in Umaga, another offload for Marco Zanon, who goes to dunk on the flag. Umaga is unlucky and hits the post from the pitch. Benetton Rugby is loaded and wants to take advantage of the momentum. Drago still finds space for Smith, good at overcoming his direct opponent and drawing the decisive raid from Ignacio Mendy. Second half of the afternoon for the hosts and Umaga converts.

A few minutes pass and Munster shakes. Solitary action from Coombes, perfect support from Patterson and goal. Carbery transforms. The race is fun and very fluid. On 30′ comes the overtaking of the guests: central gap created by Hodnett, O’Sullivan is able to escape the home defense and goes in goal. Carbery hits the posts and scores at 12-14. Then Watson has to take the place of Bellini, who was hit on the head. The Lions turn the field around and perform various phases of the game in the Munster half, forced to foul. Then Duvenage and his companions decide to go to the stakes. Jacob Umaga made no mistake and the first half closed on 15-14 for the green-and-whites.

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We return to the field and Munster immediately returns to the front. Great transmission from the oval and Hodnett on the left wing overtook two opponents going for a try. Carbery turns and Irish ahead 15-21. Then Umaga invents a great hole, offers the oval to Maile, but Healy makes a voluntary forward to stop the sortie and is booked. From the free kick Jacob Umaga hits the posts.

Despite the numerical inferiority, the guests pushed hard and found the fourth goal with Kleyn. Carbery made no mistake and Munster up 18-28. Coach Bortolami makes two changes, inserting the rookie Bernasconi and Steyn for Maile and Stowers. The Lions want to react, Albanese enters for Smith, hit in the face. Munster is fouled and Barron is booked, guilty of repeated misconduct. The green-and-whites push and from the scrum, Watson serves Ignacio Mendy excellently, author of a brace.

Munster didn’t come back up by a break, with a free-kick from midfield that Carbery missed. We returned to equal numbers and Munster digs the decisive furrow with a try from Frisch, launched from Healy’s foot. The Irish attack once again at full speed and Carbery scores. The same opening transforms and Munster are ahead 23-40. The green-and-whites don’t give up and want the fourth goal of the offensive bonus. Ignacio Mendy realizes it, protagonist with a hat-trick. Umaga converts and the game ends 30-40 for Munster.

Benetton Rugby: 15 Rhyno Smith (53′ Manfredi Albanese, 62′ Rhyno Smith), 14 Ignacio Mendy, 13 Marco Zanon, 12 Filippo Drago, 11 Mattia Bellini (32′ Marcus Watson), 10 Jacob Umaga, 9 Dewaldt Duvenage (c) (72′ Manfredi Albanese), 8 Henry Time-Stowers (50′ Braam Steyn), 7 Alessandro Izekor, 6 Giovanni Pettinella, 5 Riccardo Favretto, 4 Marco Lazzaroni (46′ Carl Wegner), 3 Tiziano Pasquali (62′ Filippo Alongi), 2 Siua Maile (50′ Bautista Bernasconi), 1 Nahuel Tetaz (46′ Thomas Gallo). Subs: 7pm Nicola Piantella. Head Coach: Marco Bortolami.

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Munster Rugby: 15 Shane Daly (56′ Niall Scannell, 67′ Shane Daly), 14 Calvin Nash (20′ Ben Healy), 13 Antoine Frisch, 12 Malakai Fekitoa (66′ Rory Scannell), 11 Liam Coombes, 10 Joey Carbery, 9 Paddy Patterson (x’ Neil Cronin), 8 Alex Kendellen, 7 John Hodnett (71′ Ruadhan Quinn), 6 Jack O’Sullivan, 5 Fineen Wycherley, 4 Jean Kleyn (54′ Cian Hurley), 3 Roman Salanoa (54′ Stephen Archer), 2 Niall Scannell (c) (54′ Diarmuid Barron), 1 Josh Wycherley (71′ Mark Donnelly). Head Coach: Graham Rowntree.

Markings: 6′ meta Zanon, 12′ meta Mendy tr. Umaga, 16′ meta Patterson tr. Carbery, 30′ meta O’ Sullivan tr. Carbery, 39′ p. Umaga; 42′ meta Hodnett tr. Carbery, 47′ p. Umaga, 50′ meta Kleyn tr. Carbery, 57′ meta Mendy, 71′ meta Frisch, 76′ meta Carbery tr. Carbery, 81′ meta Mendy tr. Umaga.

Note: yellow card in the 46th minute for Healy (MUN), yellow card in the 56th minute for Barron (MUN). Conversions: Benetton Rugby 2/4 (Umaga 2/4); Munster 5/6 (Carbery 5/6);. Penalties: Benetton Rugby 2/2 (Umaga 2/2); Munster Rugby 0/1 (Carbery 0/1) . Man of the match: John Hodnett (MUN).

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