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Benevento-Genoa: a complicated downsizing | Sports People

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Benevento-Genoa: a complicated downsizing |  Sports People

Al Vigorous of Benevento the hosts face Genoa and they absolutely must win to avoid the nightmare of Serie C.

For years in Benevento, Serie B had been experienced as a real obsession, an objective that was punctually more or less daringly missed in the playoff race. Despite the defeats, however, the company was recognized for its commitment to the cause, a commitment not only financial but also emotional, passionate, mental, if one can use these abstract terms. Having reached the finish line, even Serie A arrived almost unexpectedly in an instant and as often happens, the fan’s palate was refined and what before was a long-lasting and desired dream soon became an acquired right, with a logical consequence that the mere idea of ​​having to restart from the C series scares and not a little. Also this season had begun with other intentions, a team built for very different objectives which is now entangled in the fight for salvation; on the ultras level instead, after years of divisions, the Samnite supporter had regained unity and the feedback from this point of view, so far they have certainly been much more positive than those in the field, with the South returning to roar as in the best days.

Today, coming to the most current news, mister Gilardino’s Genoa arrives who, together with the Benevento coach Fabio Cannavaro, inevitably brings back to mind the splendid ride of the 2006 World Cup. boast a best scorein fact the Neapolitan defender, called perhaps more for his prestigious past as a footballer than for merits acquired on the field, is encountering many difficulties, even making us regret his predecessor, the Caserta coach who instead came from an important apprenticeship and therefore with definitely more temper.

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It is within this framework that the protest put in place by the Curva Sud of Benevento must be inserted, which reproaches the club for a management that is not adequate to the expectations of the square. President Vigorito, architect of the Benevento miracle that was, has always been a cross and a delight, in fact his management appears more like a master’s management, typical of 80s football and not very in line with modern logic. The climate that reigns is tense in any case, the same South after having posted various protest banners decides to carry out the supporter’s strike for the first 45 minutes, returning to cheer during the second half of the game. The following defeat, the umpteenth season, further plunges the entire Giallorossi square into despair, which for the first time since playing in the Serie B championships in the Vigorito era finds itself having to seriously deal with a downsizing.

From the Ligurian capital, strengthened by their new-found enthusiasm, about 500 griffon vultures arrive and after having positioned themselves in the second ring, they start off strong with cheering; the first half is obviously a rossoblu monologue while during the second 45 minutes, they battle more strenuously with the Giallorossi opposite. The three points arrive just when no one hoped for them by now; the victory relaunches the direct promotion ambitions of the Ligurians who are now approaching the Frosinone duo and above all Reggina.

Pier Paolo Sacco

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