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Benjamin Šeško is worth the ticket price

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Benjamin Šeško is worth the ticket price

And he has all the air of someone who wants to dominate the next decade.

In the vocabulary of the Italian language, the adjective generational means “operational process concerning one or more generations”; it is no coincidence that the term follows concepts such as replacement, gap, gap. Instead, the large group of football fans on social media, as in most spheres of interest, has a cultural context all its own, very difficult to understand for those who are totally unfamiliar with it. A clear phenomenon especially on X, where many words take on a meaning very different from the literal one. Generational is one of these, erroneously (according to definition) used to describe a player or athlete who accompanies or will accompany an entire generation. For this reason, it is an adjective often associated with very promising young footballers.

In particular, Erling Braut Haaland has set a precedent. The Norwegian is the greatest center forward to come, even if it is now pure current events. A “new class” of attackers that follows and enhances the characteristics that have developed most in recent years of football: speed, use of the body, participation in the team’s game.

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There is no intent to bother your favorite young man with blasphemous comparisons, but rather to talk about one of them. Those more accustomed to following the Bundesliga will know the name and its potential very well, but it is certainly not a profile that has never been heard of before. To all effects, Benjamin Šeško is one of the pioneers of the new generation of center forwards. Do not confuse it, however, because there is something extraordinarily unique about it.

Red Bull anticipates Europe

In the first season at Red Bull LipsiaŠeško is currently at altitude 14 goals and 2 assists in 37 games. Living with a predestined player like Loïs Openda could have created some problems in terms of playing time, but instead the Slovenian managed to carve out his space and make his specific weight felt right from the first months. He hasn’t played much, it’s true (average of around 45 minutes per game), but even more so the statistics take on greater importance; excellent i relationships minutes/goals (0.71 every 90′is sixth in the Bundesliga) e minutes/d+y (0.85, one every 107 minutes).

On the other hand, the broad prospects of Šeško’s future were already perceptible from the quantity of broken records, even before appearing in big football. At the age of 18 he wins the award for best Slovenian footballer of the year 2022, not to mention that he is young MVP national team for three consecutive years. Furthermore it is the youngest footballer ever to make his debut with the Slovenian national team, at 18 years and one day; The youngest goal in Slovenia’s historyobviously his, arrives shortly after.

Šeško with Slovenia U15

The Red Bull company bet on Šeško’s talent, which brought him to Salzburg already in 2019 and immediately loaned him to Delivery item, satellite team of the current Austrian champions playing in the second division. In the first season he scored just one goal, in the second he scored twenty-one, a year that gave him the opportunity to show off with the best Austrian club. The first European goals arrive, in the preliminaries of UEFA Champions Leagueand the first titles: two championships and a national cupraised to the sky by top scorer.

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To be honest, RB Leipzig ‘books’ him in advance: the German club exploits the fast track to its advantage as soon as possible (the one that allowed it to purchase, among others, Szoboszlai, Naby Keita, Upamecano, Konrad Laimer and Gulacsi) and buys the Slovenian in the summer of 2022 for 24 million euros, formally leaving him on loan to Salzburg for another season. Just enough time to score another 16 goals in 37 games, then comes the time for his current adventure in Germany, where he is anything but disappointing.

Born to finalize

Benjamin Šeško is paradoxically master of the intuition that guides him. He kicks with an innate hunger, which allows him to hearing the door with an unsettling feeling. He is a striker capable of creating many dangers during the match: 41 Shot-Creating Actions e 9 Goal-Creating Actions during the current season. Right-footed, he prefers it to finish but he also knows how to use his left foot very well. The power of his shot is boundlessdefinitely not excessively linked to the foot with which he kicks.

He often throws himself on the edge of the opponent’s defensive line and looks for conditions to attack the depth, a characteristic that he does very well. When he has at least a quarter of the pitch to go face to face with the goalkeeper, reading the goalkeeper’s movement is almost infallible and allows him to pass it behind him with great tranquility. His natural habitat is the right-footed shot to the far postsought at every useful opportunity.

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But it is certainly not the only solution used. One of Šeško’s great qualities is versatility, having the right coolness to adapt one’s conclusion to the moment. As already mentioned, he also scores a lot with his left foot. In particular when entering the area, if too crowded with opposing defenders, he manages to turn around and then kick left-footed, giving up on returning to his preferred foot. It is precisely the most complicated situations that stimulate instinct, which he finds played to bring the audience to its feet. The Slovenian is ready to light the fuse at any moment of the ninety minutes: Goals are in his blood and are worth the price of the ticket.

Also widely used head shot. It couldn’t be otherwise, given the 195 centimeters height that makes it one of the most dangerous even in this fundamental. He represents a constant threat not only from set pieces or crosses; with his Leipzig teammates he frequently looks for a one-two, which ends with the ball raised behind him looking for his head. Together with a fine foot like Dani Olmo’s, a lethal connection is created.

Šeško also displays unprecedented power in his header, especially when he crushes the ball. He combines height with excellent timing, with which he is capable of leaping over any defender. Sit seems to attract the sphere to himfollows her in the movement that leads him to distance himself.

The Slovenian also takes responsibility from the spot. In converted penalties this season, goalkeepers have often read the trajectory without making the save. The effectiveness from eleven meters is beyond question.

No stopping or standing

The main characteristic that makes Šeško a worthy representative of modernity in terms of attackers, despite his disarming abilities, is not among what we have talked about so far. The Slovenian is not just goals and finishing: he is a center forward in constant movement, he never settles in a specific area of ​​the camp.

Šeško’s heatmap from the 2023/24 season in a Leipzig shirt (SofaScore).

Even the numbers help us understand that his work is extended to a precious help for the entire collective. Participation in team movements is automatic, in the penalty area he is a loose cannon. When he goes down to receive he is committed to connecting the game, looking for the closest and most reliable outlet. He relies particularly on the first pass, but is also capable of reading the possibilities of a through ball between the lines.

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Šeško thrives on speed: when he turns on the engine he flies in progression, not limited to a single burst. The acceleration in just a few seconds is astonishingalways with the religious intent of looking for a door. Leaving him alone in the open field is a very serious mistake, opposing defenders must not allow too much distance with the Slovenian ball carrier. Combining precision and athletic performance, it can hurt in any situation; a vacant ball never dies with him around, he is often in the right place at the right time to reiterate it into the net. The data of conversion rate (shots/goals) is a top player; Šeško is fourth in the Bundesliga with 0.24. Furthermore, of the 32 shots recorded in the championship (excluding clearances) 19 are on target, with 59.38% shot accuracy.

Šeško’s final year statistics explain his completeness (FBCharts by FBref).

Acceleration is also the weapon that helps him most in dribbling, together withuse of the physical which in reality serves him for everything, from resistance to the non-possession phase, especially in shoulder-to-shoulder interventions or harpooning the opponent from behind. He lets the ball slide in an attempt to overtake the opponent, then when he is moving he moves with a few touches, rather he gives great momentum before leaving.

Despite the imposing height, manages to change direction of travel within a few decimetres; behind him, speed recovery is in fact very complicated. He really likes to stretch using the heel. In the box his trademark is the feint in the narrow, used to change foot with which to kick and gain space to see the goal.

Sometimes seconds are enough to fall in love with a footballer. One play leads you to rack your brains on how it was possible, on understanding how that player was able to perform such a technical gesture. Here, to sharpen the view on Benjamin Šeško the goal Sweden-Slovenia 1-1 of 2022 in the Nations League is the most prestigious calling card. A goal that serves as faithful summary of what has been described: reckless instinct that doesn’t pay attention to risks, almost impeccable coordination and control of body movements, athleticism, ability to use both feet (yes, this goal was scored with the weak foot), dynamism. All seasoned with a pinch of madness that never hurts. And perhaps it is precisely this that guarantees the Slovenian a promised place in the front row of the stars of the future.

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