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Bertram “stecca” at his debut Venice is tough and moves forward

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The playoffs are detail, quality. Umana Reyer Venezia in the last five occasions, with coach Walter De Raffaele on the bench, has never made a mistake in the quarter-finals, always hitting the semifinal. On the other hand, the Bertram Tortona was on its first official post season outing. Here is that the difference between the two teams lies precisely in this. Venice keeps the pace low for 40 ‘, does not let Tortona play as it is used to.

In the end, the choice of the lagoons is rewarded because the series now sees them 1-0 ahead and above all the home factor has been overturned, now in favor of Reyer, who starts very well thanks to Jeff Brooks’ four stitches; Bertram, however, responds immediately with a very good Wright (5 points) and good at opening the space to his teammates. When the Lions manage to run in transition they find easy conclusions and put their nose forward for the first time in the evening (11-9). The game ignites, with continuous reversals in front and scoring, continuous breaks and counter breaks on both fronts. The great balance that had also characterized the regular season matches is confirmed. At the end of the first half Macura brings the Bertram forward with a bomb by two lengths (37-35). He continues to score with the dropper, because the two defenses are always careful and do not allow clean shots: Daum’s block on Tonut is a basketball textbook. The Nebraska native wing, however, has wet powders, because he does not score, it is not in the evening.

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The low pace favors the orogranata, who take a slight advantage again in the final part of the third period, with 5 stitches put on the scoresheet by Tonut. And right on the siren, from the corner, Stone finds a bomb that weighs a lot and brings Venice to +6. The guests after 30 ‘shoot much better from two points with 60% against 47% of the Piedmontese. In the last quarter, the Lions try, Wright finally finds the big three-point target, signing the minus 4 (61-65), but Bramos responds with a shot from the corner that bounces off the iron and then enters: it’s a stab to the hopes of Bertram. Venice plays with the stopwatch and wins Casale. There is still time for a rough contrast between Macura and Tonut. The two teams will already be back on the pitch tomorrow evening (duo at 8 pm), again in Casale Monferrato for game 2. Tortona will immediately have to redeem himself to continue living the story of the playoffs. Here is the situation. Play off. Quarter finals. Race 1: Milan-Reggio Emilia 91-82, Tortona-Venice 66-77. Played last night: Virtus Bologna-Pesaro. Today at 8.45 pm: Brescia-Sassari. –


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