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Beto at risk for the start of the championship, Udinese consoles himself with Nestorovski

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Beto at risk for the start of the championship, Udinese consoles himself with Nestorovski

Beto played his last game on 10 April in Venice

The recovery time of the Portuguese player has been longer than expected, he has been knocked out since April 10, but the Macedonian is rescued in extremis

UDINE. Two hourglasses to invite you to have a little more patience and to signal that perhaps the wait for the return to the group is really running out.

You have to interpret the latest Instagram story posted by Fetuncial Betothe Udinese breakthrough striker who was injured on 10 April at the Penzo in Venice, and combine it with the absence of official communications relating to his recovery times, to try to understand when Udinese will find the Portuguese at the center of his attack .

After all, it is the same question that all the Zebretta fans are asking themselves day after day, and also that which Andrea Sottil has placed the medical staff of the club, obviously receiving an answer hitherto instead precluded to a supporter who at this point, however, is increasingly worried. Because the days go by, 17 are missing for the debut in the Italian Cup and 25 in the league at San Siro with Milan, where Beto seriously risks not being there on Saturday 13 August for the first at La Scala of football, and who knows, maybe even for the following ones. two or three days, until the beginning of September then.

And this is because recovery times are expanding since that damned derby (for him) in which he was knocked out in the final minutes by a twinge in the right thigh flexor, stopping his run towards the lagoon gate at minute 88 ‘, before go out, get medicated and then return to the field to play, injured, the last minutes in which Udinese then found the winning goal with Becao.

Here, in retrospect it can be argued that the choice to risk Beto, perhaps also conditioned by the five changes he had already resorted to Gabriele Cioffi, was really risky on the part of the technical and medical staff. Otherwise, the more than three months of stop due to the injury to the flexor, which was evidently more serious than one would have believed, would not be explained.

Fatally, the hourglass posted in his post by Beto also marks the rapid flow of time for those who have to set up the team, and at this point it also explains why in society it was decided to run for cover by fishing Ilija Nestorovski from the cylinder, after it was decided not to renew the contract expiring on June 30 to the Macedonian, and then call him to sign the extension on July 4, coincidentally on the first day of the meeting.

Knowing that it could not yet make Beto available for the entire retreat, the company then re-proposed Nestorovski, thus giving Sottil a real and unique first tip to be included in the schemes.

Then the Macedonian found himself “on fire”, with six goals scored in the first three friendlies in which Success he has proved to be more and more a finisher than a stacker, this is another story, as the presence of Nacho Pussetto in retreat.

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