Home Sports Between Pordenone and Burrai 2 there is an old friend involved

Between Pordenone and Burrai 2 there is an old friend involved

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Between Pordenone and Burrai 2 there is an old friend involved

Tesser at Modena would like to coach the director of Perugia desired by the Lovisa. And another obstacle arises for the return of “Sasà”: the court of the beloved Cagliari

PORDENONE. An “old” friend of Pordenone has entered the race for Salvatore Burrai, midfielder of Perugia and the number one target of the green lizard market. On the 35-year-old from Orosei he made himself under Attilio Tesser, coach of Modena.

For his first season in Serie B in Emilia after promotion, the former Neroverdi coach would like to have the Sardinian playmaker with him, with whom he shared two splendid championships at De Marchi.

The director was a pillar of the team who landed among the cadets in 2020 and able to reach the semifinal play-off of B in 2021. It is true that as director Tesser can already have Fabio Gerli (’96), extraordinary in C, but it is equally true that someone like Burrai in the higher category is comfortable, given his ability to kick inactive balls and serve assists to his teammates (8 in Perugia in the previous tournament).

On the play, however, there would not be only Modena, in which he has already played (2013-2014 in B). Even his beloved Cagliari would be doing a little thought about him. The managers of the island club know the player and, in particular, the owners want to start again in Serie B by local players.

By the way, Sasà is a symbol of Sardinians. He is tied to Sardinia and, moreover, he grew up in the rossoblù nursery, also making his debut in Serie A in 2006-2007. In short, the competition is very strong: Pordenone is closely following the evolution of rumors around Burrai who, mind you, still has a one-year contract with Perugia.

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Looking at the category and the clubs that are courting him, it is clear that the footballer could never choose the green lizards. If he ever were to marry Mauro Lovisa’s cause, he would do so for the technical project, but also for a choice of life: a few years ago he bought a house on the banks of the Noncello. And this is where he would like to live after his football career.

While waiting for Burrai, it is always worth underlining that as play the Pordenone already has Simone Pasa (’94) and Emanuele Torrasi (’99). The first will expire (June 2023), the second still has a two-year contract (June 2024).

The latter could have a market in B, since he is still an “under”. However, it will be necessary to see if the offers that will arrive at De Marchi will be considered valid.

The releases will then always represent the central theme of the first market for green lizards. The club will work mainly to sell Camporese (’92), Kupisz (’90), Misuraca (’90) and Ciciretti (’93), elements that closed the previous season on loan and all linked by a heavy contract for Serie C .

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