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“Beyond” focuses on “short track speed skating” “If you want to win, you must do your best”

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“Beyond” focuses on “short track speed skating” “If you want to win, you must do your best”

2022-01-19 16:25:11Source: Beijing Youth Daily

“Beyond” poster

The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is imminent, and the inspirational sports competition drama “Beyond” has also been broadcast on CCTV’s prime time. The play is directed by Zhang Xiaobo, and stars Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan, Ma Li, Mei Ting, Tong Yao, Zhang Guoqiang and other powerful young and middle-aged actors, as well as Li Gengxi, Gao Zhiting, Liu Yitie and other new-generation young actors. , and achieved a good result in the first ratings. The series tells the audience the journey of chasing dreams on ice for three generations of short track speed skaters over the past 30 years.

Adopt dual time and space narrative

“Beyond” focuses on “Short Track Speed ​​Skating”, the key event of the Winter Olympics. It adopts a dual time and space narrative. In the two time lines of the 1990s and the present, it depicts three generations of short track speed skating people who surpass themselves and win glory for the country. The history also shows the spirit of inheritance of the athletes – the role of Chen Jingye runs through the two time and space lines of the 1990s and the present. The young Chen Jingye (played by Gao Zhiting) fought hard for short track speed skating, As well as the further inheritance and selfless dedication of Chen Jingye (played by Hu Jun) in his middle age, the two actors are portrayed as being in the same line and clear.

As the captain of the short track speed skating team in his youth, Chen Jingye was responsible, responsible and loyal. In the circumstance that the training ground and equipment were very simple, he led the team to win the first short track speed skating for China. gold medal. Compared with the middle-aged period played by Hu Jun, Gao Zhiting’s interpretation of the same role is obviously more enthusiastic and eager to “transcend”. In training again and again, he has overcome his own physical conditions and constantly challenged the limit.

Working more than 15 hours on consecutive days

In Gao Zhiting’s performance, there are completely different camera expressions on the ice and off the ice, and the emotional changes of the characters are also meticulous. Regarding the fit between the character and his own personality, Gao Zhiting mentioned that “if you want to win, you have to do your best” – this sentence is Chen Jingye’s motto in the play, and it is also a motto that Gao Zhiting often admonishes himself on the way of acting , in each drama, he will try his best to perceive the emotions and background of the characters, so as to live up to every character he encounters. Whether it’s running bare-legged training in the ice and snow, or challenging the physical limits indoors, the not-so-easy shooting process of “Beyond” makes Gao Zhiting and the young Chen Jingye more and more similar in spirit.

Although Gao Zhiting grew up in the Northeast, he could not skate. In order to successfully play an excellent short track speed skater, he participated in a 70-day training camp before filming. Because of his too much dedication, his feet were worn out several times. The director of the play once revealed that when shooting the scene of the outdoor wild ice rink, it was only minus ten degrees in the northeast, and the actors had to work more than 15 hours a day for several consecutive days.

Gao Zhiting said that he was thankful for this difficult shooting experience, which further resonated with Chen Jingye 30 years ago. He said that no matter it is competitive sports or ordinary life, only a very few people can reach the top, but “beyond oneself” is something that every ordinary person can achieve through hard work, which is probably what “Beyond” wants to convey to The spiritual connotation of the audience.

A tribute to heroes and eras

After completing the filming of “Beyond”, Gao Zhiting felt the most pride in being a Chinese. Every time he saw the flag hoisted, he became more convinced of the meaning of his acting – to convey the deep or high emotions and spirit of the character to the audience through the characters created by the actors.

From Wu Bosong in “Little Beauty”, Xiao Wu in “Hungry City”, to young Chen Jingye in “Beyond”, every character played by Gao Zhiting is full of personality. Playing a short track speed skater this time is a big challenge for Gao Zhiting, and through his acting skills and hard training, he has successfully demonstrated the arduous struggle history of the first generation of Chinese short track speed skaters. This is a tribute to heroes and eras.

Reporter Yang Wenjie


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