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Biathlon World Cup: Good things take time – 1092 days

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Biathlon World Cup: Good things take time – 1092 days

As of: February 14, 2024 9:51 p.m

Quite a few spoke of a medal curse among the German men. It’s finally broken. Benedikt Doll’s bronze triumph in the World Cup singles is a liberation for the DSV team. The success of the Black Forest this season is preceded by a roller coaster ride at the shooting range.

It’s just a small gesture that contains so much meaning. When the entire German team gathers around Benedikt Doll for the obligatory group photo after the award ceremony, the 33-year-old quickly waves over the ski technicians. They are a few meters further, still within sight of the podium, already in the middle of finding the best possible skis for the coming days.

It’s nice that you’re celebrating Benni’s individual World Cup bronze medal, but work comes first. They then briefly interrupt their process and climb up onto the small stage to join the rest of the delegation. And then: Three, two, one – “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss» out” echoes through the almost empty arena. A scream like a release. The clicking noises of the cameras become faster and the photographers keep pulling the triggers. These are images for eternity.

Andre Siems, Sportschau, February 14, 2024 7:06 p.m

“I’m so incredibly proud that I was able to prove it to myself again today,” says a noticeably touched Benedikt Doll when it was clear a few minutes earlier that he would win the second World Cup medal of his career: “We have in the men’s team We’ve always had good races over the last few years and have never missed a medal. I’m so happy for the entire team. Our technicians also worked so hard on Monday and Tuesday after last weekend. And today we were rewarded for it. “

The wait is finally over

The German men’s team had to be patient for 1092 days. It has been 1,092 agonizingly long days since the German men won a medal at a major event. In 2023 they came away empty-handed at the home World Cup in Oberhof. A bitter disappointment. There was also nothing to celebrate at the 2022 Olympic Games. The last DSV ski hunter who was able to celebrate a World Cup medal was Arnd Peiffer. He is now a sports show expert and won silver in the individual at Pokljuka in Slovenia. That was on February 17, 2021.

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“If it had been a good race for me today and I would have come fourth – I would still be disappointed afterwards.” However, especially at the shooting range, the veteran did not show a good race in the individual World Cup – but an outstanding one. One almost wants to say “finally again” because this season has been a roller coaster ride for Doll. And that has to do with 78 percent.

To the result arrow right

Too inconsistent at the shooting range – and yet there at the right time

No, that is not the alcohol content of the cult Czech schnapps Slivovice (it has around 50 percent). Benedikt Doll’s shooting success rate this season is 78 percent. That didn’t bode particularly well before the World Cup singles in Nove Mesto. Since his sprint victory in Oberhof in January, Doll’s shooting performance in the subsequent World Cups had deteriorated by four percent – that’s a lot in biathlon. “I’ve had doubts recently as to whether I’ll be able to do it on the shooting range,” reports the team captain: “I felt good in training and then couldn’t do it in the competition.” At these World Games, too, he appeared unsure at the shooting range, missing twice in the sprint and four times in the pursuit. “Now I just proved it today. It’s a huge satisfaction that I was able to show that I can do it.”

He had already hit 15 of 15 shots when he drove into the Nove Mesto stadium before the final shooting. But he also had painful kilometers in his legs. “It always makes you a few years older, a race like that,” he would later say with a smile. 30,000 pairs of eyes were on him before this last series in which everything was on the line. When his 18th shot of the day missed, the medal wobbled. “That’s why I wasn’t immediately happy at the finish. So much can happen at the end in the individual.” Benedikt Doll increased his shooting range from 78 to 95 percent in the Nove Mesto individual. After crossing the finish line, the long wait began.

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Well, you know that about the German biathlon men. For Benedikt Doll it only took a few minutes that evening until it was clear: Yes, it was enough for the bronze medal. For the DSV men, a dry spell of 1092 days ends. When it is done, they all fall on his neck. Whether teammates and colleagues like silver medalist Janina Hettich-Walz or competitors like defending champion Johannes Thingnes Boe. Good things take time.

Schedule of the Biathlon World Championships Date Decision Winner Wed., February 7th Mixed relay (4×6 km) France Fri., February 9th Women’s sprint (7.5 km) Julia Simon Sat., February 10th (17: 05 a.m.) Men’s sprint (10 km) Sturla Holm Laegreid Sun., February 11th (2:30 p.m.) Women’s pursuit (10 km) Julia Simon Sun., February 11th (5:05 p.m.) Men’s pursuit ( 12.5 km) Johannes Thingnes Bö Tue., February 13th (5:10 p.m.) Women’s individual (15 km) Lisa Vittozzi Wed., February 14th (5:20 p.m.) Men’s individual (20 km) Thu. , February 15th (6:00 p.m.) Single-Mixed (4×3 km + 1.5 km) Sat., February 17th (1:45 p.m.) Women’s relay (4×6 km) Sat., February 17th (4:00 p.m.) 30 p.m.) Men’s relay (4×7.5 km) Sun., February 18th (2:15 p.m.) Women’s mass start (12.5 km) Sun., February 18th (4:30 p.m.) Men’s mass start (15 km)

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