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Big melon!Exposing Pique’s divorce, Laporta Koman even pushed Messi to leave_Barcelona

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Original title: Big Melon!Exposing Pique’s divorce, Laporta Koman even pushed Messi to leave

On October 6, Beijing time, the Spanish “Daily Sports” revealed that the relationship between Laporta, the chairman of the Laporta club, Barcelona central defender Pique, and the team’s head coach Koman, supported Umtiti to stay in the team, and even promoted it. Messi leaves.

Barcelona’s record this season is extremely bleak, coach Koeman has been on the cusp, and Pique’s actions have made the situation worse. According to the “Daily Sports” news, Pique has been making trouble in the dressing room, the Barcelona veteran has separated the relationship between club chairman Laporta and coach Koman. As we all know, Pique and Laporta have a very good relationship. With the latter returning to the helm of Barcelona, ​​Pique’s position in the dressing room has further improved, and many fans call him “Chairman Pi.”

Pique has never defended Koeman in public, and sometimes there will be some friction between the two. Koeman was already dissatisfied with the decline of Pique’s state. For Benfica’s game, Pique was replaced in 30 minutes, which aroused his great anger. According to the report, Pique lied in front of Laporta because of this matter, and said all Koman’s bad things, which made the relationship between the two people who were originally discordant because of the poor performance of the team dropped to a freezing point.

“Everybody” said that for the common good, Pique supports Umtiti to stay on the team. Since the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Umtiti has gradually become a burden for Barcelona. The French central defender has been with injuries all the year round, and his competitive form is very bad, and he has been reluctant to leave the team for a high salary. Barcelona can’t do anything about it. However, Pique expressed in front of the media that he would respect Umtiti, because they are both clients of the same agent. For the common benefit, Chairman Pi supported the waste and stayed on the team.

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“Everybody” also said that Pique even played a role in the process of Messi’s departure. Messi’s departure had a huge impact on Barcelona, ​​and in the process, Pique seemed to have played a role in fueling the flames. You know, the relationship between the two is extraordinary.Return to Sohu to see more


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