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Bill’s limit one-stop superb assists Dinwiddie 2 three-point miraculous reversal_Heat

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Original title: Bill Xtreme one-stop superb assists Dinwiddie 2 three-point magic reversal

As the biggest dark horse in the East this season, the Wizards are still running wildly. On November 21, 2021, Beijing time, the Wizards reversed the Heat 103-100. Bill scored 21 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists, Dinwiddie scored 16 points, and Pope scored 16 points.

Dinwiddie overtakes three points

After the start, Bill became a sharp knife attacking the heart of the Heat. Although Bill’s offense was not so exaggerated this season, the number of singles with the ball is still the league’s top level. You must know that in the last back-to-back loss to the Heat, Bill also hit 30. point. In the opening game, the Heat made consecutive fouls, including a 2+1 shooting against the sky, leading the team to play a better rhythm at home.

In the second half of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, Harrell was very active. Whether it was a steal in the backcourt, a subtle pass from behind, and a second attack on the inside, Harrell was the best sixth man in the Wizards. Playing the catfish effect allowed the Wizards to regain control of the game’s initiative. Unfortunately, just 8 minutes into the second quarter, Harrell fell into the Heat’s defensive trap and got off the court early with 3 fouls.

Although Bill’s offense stagnated in the second quarter, he contributed the best offense of the two teams in the half. In the last 2 minutes of the half, Bill singled out Butler with the ball, and the two top cards battled. As a result, Bill faced the defense after passing Butler, staged an invincible draw from behind the opponent and made a basket pick. This attack also ignited the home court. Atmosphere. Throughout the halftime, the Wizards and the Heat, like the playoffs, played a meat-to-body battle, and the Wizards only scored in double figures with Bill alone.

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It is true that the Wizards are facing the only top opponent in the top five offensive and defensive efficiency outside of the Alliance Warriors. In the second half, Bill was still double-teamed and defended by the Heat with at least 2-3 people, causing Bill to make consecutive mistakes. In the middle of the third quarter, Bill seized the opportunity to counter-attack a layup to stop the bleeding, after the Wizards had been opened by 16 points. In 3 minutes of the third quarter, Bill staged the best offensive and defensive transition in the game. He first defended Butler’s shot to protect the rebound, then advanced and then passed through the opponent’s ground pass and assisted his teammates. Best assist. This one-stop performance also stopped the Heat.

In the last minute of the third quarter, Harrell and Bill joined forces to start a counterattack. The former 2+1 and an inside attack, plus a single bottom line layup by Bill, the Wizards caught up to 4 points. The interesting scene was the third quarter buzzer. When the whistle blew, Bill seduced the foul behind him and got three free throws. Bill’s offense in the final minutes of the third quarter allowed the Wizards, who were once 16 points behind, to catch up with the Heat. In the third quarter, he scored 21 points and Harrell scored 13 points. In the last 4 minutes of the last quarter, Dinwiddie suddenly broke out, a continuous throw and a three-pointer to help the team catch up to 3 points. Pope hit a three-pointer in the last 2 minutes of the last quarter and tied. In the last 1 minute and 43 seconds, Dinwiddie made another three-pointer. The Wizards overtook the Heat with a magical 3 three-pointers. In the end, the Wizards relied on these three magical three-pointers to complete a shocking reversal and revenge the Heat at home. (Han Shao)Return to Sohu to see more

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