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‘Bofo’ Bautista mocks ‘Chino’ Huerta after Pumas’ elimination

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‘Bofo’ Bautista mocks ‘Chino’ Huerta after Pumas’ elimination

Adolfo Bautista, the former Chivas player, has taken to social media to mock Pumas forward César Huerta for missing a penalty during the second leg of the semifinals against Tigres. Bautista shared an image in which the legend of Huerta’s shirt was modified to say “Re Pítame el Penal Profe” in reference to the failed penalty. Huerta, who was involved in the quarterfinals against Chivas, scored the second goal for Pumas through a penalty. However, in the semifinals against Tigres, he missed a crucial penalty which led to their elimination. Bautista’s social media post came just minutes after Pumas’ elimination, showing the modified legend on Huerta’s shirt. This incident is not the first time Huerta has faced penalty troubles, as he had to repeat his shot in previous matches against Cruz Azul and the Mexican team in the Concacaf Nations League quarterfinals.

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