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Bojano-Venafro: ultras guardians of a historic rivalry

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Bojano-Venafro: ultras guardians of a historic rivalry

Thus we find ourselves in a small town in Molise, headed towards the stadium where a highly anticipated match is being played. Bojano and Venafro are two small towns, only 20 km away from each other, located in a mountainous area of ​​the central Apennines. Despite or perhaps precisely because of the geographical proximity, the rivalry between the fans of the two locations is historic, one of the most heartfelt in the region. An all-Italian classic, in the land of municipalities and bell towers.

Arrived at the Stadium Municipal of Bojano named in memory of Adriano Colalillo, we are cordially welcomed by the president and the local ultras, from whom we learn of the choreography that will greet the entry of their team onto the pitch composed, as we will see, of the banner “For my city” , accompanied by lots of pyrotechnics.

The visiting fans are instead allowed to enter their sector a few seconds before the kick-off. They take their places behind the “Ultras Venafro” patch, immediately raising a chorus against the locals. The trip to Bojano is one of the most anticipated of the season, an opportunity to demonstrate their superiority over their bitter rivals.

While the sky threatens rain, both fans are excited and warm as a match like this rightly requires. The players are also ready to fight in the mud for every ball. As soon as the teams enter the pitch there is a triumph of chants and teasing, which inflames the atmosphere. This is much more than just a football match: it’s a battle between two opposing communities. A challenge that no fan wants to miss.

At the end of the first half the stadium turns into bedlam: the two sets of fans raise their decibels, continuing with the series of mutual epithets, in full ultras spirit. Winning means excelling even outside the pitch: a total rivalry which is the spice of football and a source of pride for both.

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All this also makes the match on the pitch very intense: you fight for every ball just as you do the same with your voice in the stands.

The smoke bombs from the clubs color the sky white and red, despite the low position in the championship. Despite flocking to the stands in numbers that could have been much better with a little help from the table, they show a very nice scarf during the match. They then support their team with the help of a drum that will play non-stop, also calling for several claps.

A rainbow also appears in the sky, which gives the locals hope for a positive outcome of the match, but the match ends with Venafro’s victory.

Worth noting is the good performance of the guest ultras: they appear compact, few but good. They are also accompanied by a drum, together with which they do not fail to make their support felt. The team repaid them with the 4 to 1 victory, then went to celebrate at the end of the match under the section of their supporters, enthusiastic about the victory against their rivals.

At the moment Venafro is third in the standings. Bojano, on the other hand, finds itself fourteenth, in full battle to avoid relegation; the support of his ultras will certainly be needed to try to save the category and as we saw today, that is not lacking. The team just needs to know how to translate this support into competitive energy.

Text and photos by Imma Borrelli

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