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Bologna, Atalanta and Rome. A decisive weekend for Champions League dreams

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Bologna, Atalanta and Rome.  A decisive weekend for Champions League dreams

What will begin on Saturday evening with Napoli Turin and will end on Monday with Lazio Udinese will be a decisive round for the European dreams of many teams. There are the Italian Champions who return to the charge after the beautiful victory against Juventus, there are the Biancocelesti who must quickly recover from the European disappointment of elimination against Bayern Munich.

But above all there are the three of them: Bologna, Rome and Atalanta. Strictly in this order: fourth, fifth and sixth in the standings. With the last two returning from Europa League commitments and the other, Thiago Motta’s team, who don’t know what it means to play on Thursday and then play again on Sunday. But he can’t wait to find out next year.

Zirkzee rejoices. Photo Source: news

Bologna, a fundamental test against Inter

Only successes in 2024 for Inter, only victories, only three points, only progress to the next round. If you look at the Serie A standings, there are only two teams that can boast a positive streak of at least 5 rounds: on the one hand the Nerazzurri, on the other the Bologna. After Saturday evening, however, one of the two will have stopped.

It’s a challenge to understand what Bolognese dreams are made of, a test to understand how big you are, how fit you are. And for now the Felsinei have amazed to say the least. The last few games in particular speak of an increasingly confident team. Let’s take the matches in Bergamo and Rome, against Lazio. Two away games against two direct competitors. Two games in which Bologna goes down. Two games in which he finds the strength, the energy, the idea to overturn the result. A capacity that only great teams have. The ones that deserve a place in the Champions League.

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De Rossi leads Roma’s training. Photo Source: news

The challenges of Atalanta and Roma

And then there are them, those who arrive more tired at the championship round. On the one hand the Roma, who will go to Florence to play against Vincenzo Italiano’s Fiorentina. On the other, Atalanta, who haven’t won in the league since February 17th (3-0 against Sassuolo) and who will have to deal with a Juventus team who have won only once in the last five.

Two tough, demanding races, which come after the European test. Roma are in fact busy tonight, at home, against Brighton. Atalanta they will instead face Sporting Lisbon. European nights that are always a pleasure to experience, play and savor. European nights that are worth conquering for next year too. Maybe reaching the Champions League.

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