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Bologna-Spezia: old legacies of the past not appreciated by all

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Bologna-Spezia: old legacies of the past not appreciated by all

In the postponement of Friday afternoon at 18:30, at From the Ara of Bologna meet the home rossoblu and Spezia, in the presence – to be precise – of 17,213 spectators, not the most striking of the data for this season but still more than decent considering the rather inconvenient timetable for those who work and also the traffic around the plant says a lot about the goodness, logistics and logic, of these decisions rained down from above. Meteorologically very cold evening with the Costa who performs in the traditional scarf that greets the players entering the field, together with some smoke bombs to further highlight the glance. Vocal cheering, on the other hand, is always active with chants both for the team and against the opposing fans, in the name of old grievances between the parties. On the occasion of the goals we also see the parable of some smoke bombs that pour all the exuberance and joy for the scoring from the stands towards the track, a pity that this legacy of the good old days is not equally appreciated by the League, which indeed captures it as a pretext to impose an inevitable fine on the house company. Patience is not violence, patience penalizes pure and simple folklore but when it comes to beating house it is difficult to find someone willing to make poetic distinctions, as dear Lucio Dallo would have said. Speaking of the good old days, after a preventive tour of “A Skeggia”, the URB meeting place, Kubilay Türkyilmaz, a former Rossoblu striker from 1990 to ’93, watches the match with them in the Curva, in the heart of the fans where he himself is always metaphorically remained for the commitment to the cause.

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As for the opposing faction, there are about 400 supporters from La Spezia who, in the away sector, represent themselves with many small pieces to Railway curve a Bolt Group to everyone else. A bullhorn armed with a megaphone assisted by other boys around him, manages to always keep the rest of those present on the ropes and lead them to a tenacious performance, in which they never gave up until the end, despite the result on the field and the inauspicious time and day which, especially in their case who also had to undertake the transfer, were further penalised.

The match on the pitch ends 2-0 in favor of Bologna who are approaching the center of the standings, not so far from a place worthy of Europe, a reinvigorating dream to say the least after years of mediocrity and salvations that are so calm but equally uninspiring . Spezia, on the other hand, always remains close to the relegation zone but, unlike last season, has a minimum safety margin and fate in its own hands. Prohibitive next internal round against leaders Napoli but seasonal goals still widely within reach. Derby dell’Appenino instead for Bologna that goes to visit Fiorentina.

Luigi Bisio

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