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Bonprix slips to Turin in the Super Cup, but enjoys a super Davis

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The atmosphere of the derby is something else: that of Pala Gianni Asti was a match played in front of a few close friends, between two teams who thought more about finding themselves than putting their opponents underneath. In the end, smiles and applause were all for the home team, which won 67-54 in a match with a low score and many mistakes. Bonprix is ​​mathematically eliminated from the Super Cup regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s match against Urania Milano (defeat at Novipiù’s home). But the result counts less than the progress, among which Steven Davis’ debut stands out. With Cromer still out as a precaution, the only American in the rossoblù took the stage with 18 points, to make it clear how the team can grow when it has more reliable hands on the pitch to look for the basket.

At the start, the rossoblù quintet is identical to the one opposite to Casale on Saturday: Soviero, Bertetti, Pollone, Vincini and Morgillo. Turin responds with an American, Scott, and four experienced men such as Zugno, Alibegovic, Toscano and Landi. Bonprix knows that the key lies in the assiduous protection of her own half: to do this Zanchi orders the Soviero mosquito to sting Alibegovic, while Matteo Pollone flexes his muscles to Toscano. The beginning is an arm wrestling with more mistakes than good things, at least up to Bertetti’s triple of 6-6 to which Morgillo adds the overtaking basket. Then the hands of the Biellese dry up and a partial 9-0 forces the bench to the first timeout with 4’19 ” on the clock. In the meantime, Steven Davis made his debut, in for Vincini, starting a bit confused and very imprecise (0-2). From the minute of suspension to the first siren you can see just two baskets: a three-point game by Pollone and a triple by Baldasso. A free from Soviero, good at getting a foul almost at the end, sets the score at 18-12.

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The second period starts badly for the rossoblùs. Turin does nothing special: it is limited to being a little more precise in shooting while Bonprix, when she slips to -10 (22-12) has a little reassuring 4/18 from the field. But the defense allows you to stay in the game despite Oboe’s counterattack basket which is worth the maximum advantage over +12. And when the ball begins to enter the basket, the wind changes a bit. To blow in the sails is Steven Davis: first a dunk on an assist from Pollone, then two triples and the scoreboard shows 33-30. Baldasso’s very soft hand is needed at the end of the period, despite a good Rossoblù defense, for the 36-30 with which the teams enter the locker room.

However, the Biella wave does not stop: all the points at the start of the period come from the same hands, those of Davis. When he converts on the fly a Bertetti assist is 36-35. A super defense of Soviero, the umpteenth, provides the ball of the equalizer. But the former playmaker from Reggio Emilia lets the orange escape in the other half and the inertia changes also because Pollone’s third foul arrives immediately. And without him the defense loses a few hits. Turin takes advantage and a three-point game by Alibegovic leads to the new +9 at home. It takes seven minutes for a rossoblù other than Davis to score: it’s Lanzi, but Turin’s streak of turnovers (seven in the quarter, 22 in total) helps keep the match open, with the last ten minutes starting at 54. -47.

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But here begins a long offensive Bonprix famine. No one scores anymore and Reale Mutua only needs a few shots from the tail (by Alibegovic after 4 minutes without a basket from the field and then by Toscano) to run away. Biella has no more, Pollone loses for five fouls and manages to put the orange in the basket when there are just over two minutes left with Infante. But the race ran away. A bomb by Bertetti limits the damage, but Reale Mutua raises its arms at the finish line and will play first place over the weekend with Casale, who overtook Urania Milano by 7 points, the next opponent of the Rossoblu college on Saturday at 20 away. Principal Zanchi hopes to be able to score a full pass on the register. For now he can smile because the boys apply.

The match report
Reale Mutua Torino-Bonprix Biella 67-54. Turin: Zugno, Alibegovic 13, Toscano 12, Landi 10, Scott 14, Baldasso 8, Oboe 2, Pagani 8, De Vico, Raviola, Marrone, Pirani. Coach: Casalone. Biella: Soviero 3, Bertetti 7, Pollone 9, Vincini 3, Morgillo 4, Lanzi 2, Porfilio 5, Davis 18, Infante 3, Loro ne, Aimone ne, Pietra ne. Coach: Zanchi. Partials: 18-12, 18-18, 18-17, 67-54.

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