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Boris Dallo leaves ASVEL, future in Strasbourg?

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Boris Dallo leaves ASVEL, future in Strasbourg?

ASVEL has announced the departure of Boris Dallo, a 29-year-old all-rounder who joined Lyon last summer.

According to some French media Dallo will sign with SIG Strasbourg.

We remember that a couple of months ago Pozzecco also asked for Dallo’s release, however arousing the fury of Tony Parker.

“We tried to go his way a little. But then he asked to cut Boris Dallo too. At that point I said no. If Nando, Charles Kahudi or someone else got injured, we were already the oldest team in the entire EuroLeague, we couldn’t do without Boris.”

And again: “I told him to watch Boris’s games, I explained to him that he was a player capable of covering the three external roles and that he had played some excellent games against Cholet. But he had so little faith in Boris, in Mbaye and in Noam, that it makes me think he never saw them play.”

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