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Born, more military force in Europe. Draghi: “We must be ready” – breaking latest news

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Born, more military force in Europe.  Draghi: “We must be ready” – breaking latest news

Madrid, June 29, 2022 – “There is no escalation risk, but you have to be ready “he first Mario Draghi comments on Joe Biden’s announcement on the strengthening of the American military presence in Europe. Draghi has just left the NATO Summit in Madrid and immediately explains to the press that with the increase of NATO and US troops on the eastern flank, “there is no risk of an escalation” that Moscow promises. The premier welcomes the ok for the accession of Sweden and Finland: “It is an important moment because NATO is expanding and becoming more European”. And he assures that NATO and Italy will continue to help Ukraine by sending weapons and logistical support. Draghi also claimed Italy’s active role in the Alliance, recalling our NATO command in Bulgaria, aid to Romania, and patrol missions with F-35s in the skies in Iceland and in the Baltic countries.

Biden at the NATO summit: “Ready to send more US forces to Italy”

US air defense battalion in Italy

The air defense system that the US forces will deploy in Italy is made up of 70 soldiers, the Prime Minister confirmed: “The Defense Ministry explained to me that this is an adjustment already planned”, assuring him not to believe that it exists. “the risk of an escalation” with Russia. Battalion will be transferred from Germany, where the US will establish an artillery headquarters for air defense, short range, for combat support and one for engineers, for a total of about 625 soldiers. In Poland, however, Washington will permanently move the headquarters of the V Corps command, the headquarters of an army garrison and a battalion for field support. In Romania they will allocate a combat brigade in rotation, in support of the other Brigade Combat Teams operating in Europe. Even in the Baltics, the US will strengthen its rotational alignments, thus maintaining a stable presence in the region. New fighters in Spain and other news in GB.

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Turkey: ok to Sweden and Finland in NATO. Stoltenberg: “What Putin wanted to avoid”

Yes to Sweden and Finland in NATO: Erdogan withdraws the veto

Italy in Bulgaria and Romania: another 8,000 men ready

“We have taken NATO command in Bulgaria and we are also helping Romania. And there have been air patrols of the Baltics for several months. The forces in Bulgaria and Romania are 2,000, and if they are 8,000 stationed in Italy ready if necessary”, the premier Mario Draghi thus explained Italy’s role in the NATO plan to strengthen the eastern flank decided at the Madrid summit.

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