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Bortolami revolution Battles Ulster with eleven new Lions

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From the Northern Irish giants, Benetton is betting everything on turnover Steyn is back (stopped for months), Els, Zani, Herbst and Sperandio


A XV with eleven new Lions: coach Bortolami had announced that, after the expensive match against Edinburgh, for the one at Ulster there would be several changes. And in fact here it is: from the initial deployment a week ago only Tavuyara, Lamaro, Pettinelli and Ruzza survived. Above all, the addition of experience was massive, with the absolute debut of Rhyno Smith to the extreme replacing Coetzee, with the return as owner of Benvenuti for Riera and Zanon for Menoncello. Then in the third line there is Steyn in place of Favretto and in the first line Zani replaces Chaparro. The injection of youth, on the other hand, is naturally ensured by the presence of Leonardo Marin, born in 2002, debut as a starter for last Saturday’s hero, in place of Albornoz. The other changes concern Sperandio for Ioane, Braley for Duvenage in directing, Herbst for Wegner, Nemer for Pasquali and Els for Lucchesi.

In short, an authentic revolution precisely on the occasion of one of the most difficult away matches, at the home of the only team that, with Munster, in the first two days made the en plein: 10 points, the result of the 35-29 home game against the Warriors and of the peremptory 36-3 obtained from the Zebras. But also Benetton shows up in Belfast with a business card that is anything but negligible, especially speaking of an Italian: two successes are a lot of stuff, even without bonuses. Now, however, there is the most difficult exam to pass, that of the Northern Irish, against whom the precedents are actually not very encouraging: there are 19 in total with 16 wins for Ulster, one for Benetton and 2 draws. The last challenge was the match on 2 October 2020, with the green-and-whites who lost 35-24 in Northern Ireland. Moreover, with such a renewed formation and so far never seen in action, it is not even possible to refer to the rugby expressed so far; what is certain is that it will be necessary to avoid committing the chronic Treviso errors, which consist of indiscipline, that is, committing too many irregularities that sometimes cost not only a football but also the yellow card, and wasted possessions, from balls that fall trivially or from various infractions .

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Ulster, among other things, has the record of goals scored in two Urc games, 11, and that of successful tackles, 284: as if to say that both in attack and in defense this is a team that knows how to be respected. In essence, it can be said that in such a difficult race Treviso has very little to lose, essential, beyond the result, will be to maintain that winning, proactive mentality, which allowed to beat Stormers and Edinburgh and, even before, to lead to home the Rainbow Cup. At Ulster they celebrate the 200 caps of hooker Rob Herring. It goes without saying that there they are sure to celebrate the event by giving themselves the third victory in a row: it would be nice to ruin the third time. –

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