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Brandolin resigns as president of Coni Fvg and writes to Malagò: this is how sport is killed

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“The reform undermines the autonomy of the sector”. Fedriga: I hope you think again

UDINE. “There isn’t much to say.” Few words, like those footballers who present themselves to the microphones of the TV after the match. In this sense, the sporting Giorgio Brandolin prevails over the political Giorgio Brandolin on the Sunday when the regional sport is shaken by the news of his resignation from the presidency of the Coni. Yet he would have things to say, Brandolin.

“I am not looking for the controversy, nor do I want it at this moment: what I had to say is all in the letter I sent to President Malagò”, the former president of the Province of Gorizia, former regional councilor, former deputy of the Democratic Party answers the phone .

Yep, the letter. A small page, sufficient to confirm the full opposition (euphemism) of the number one of the regional Olympic committee for the reform of the sector which, in fact, has deprived Coni of its financial and therefore operational autonomy. “Ten months ago when I was unanimously elected regional president for the third time – writes Brandolin to Malagò – my commitment was to accompany the Friulian-Julian sports movement out of the pandemic, helping it in all ways, distributing resources that Region has entrusted to the Regional Coni and hoping for a possible solution to the ambiguity in the local management of employees, of the offices (which are all municipal property and built by me in Udine thanks to Udinese Calcio and by the late Emilio Felluga in Trieste and Pordenone) and therefore of the representativeness of the regional CONI ».

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The resigning president (re-elected just eight months ago, in March) claims the full restart of sport in the region, despite the new rules assigning just enough funds to Coni to guarantee representation and little more. The projects that started in recent weeks are “all financed by the Region and / or local administrations and were started thanks to the commitment of some former Coni employees, who almost” illegally “helped me,” emphasizes Brandolin. Who then, as a seasoned politician, sinks the blow: «I tried to make people understand how the“ so-called ”reform of Sport is killing its autonomy and its democratic representation, especially at the territorial level. I have not received any response: on the contrary – he adds – things are, in my opinion, getting worse by relegating the regional CONI structure, democratically elected and representative of the entire regional sports world, to mere representation without headquarters and without personnel ». After a passage on the successes of the regional athletes at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the sports manager confirms to the national president his intention to conclude the experience at Coni. Meanwhile, during the day, Brandolin’s deputy, Ermes Canciani (president of the regional FIGC), will contact Malagò to understand how to manage the vacant seat. The hope, expressed by several parties, is that the game can be closed by 2021, with the presidency that could touch, as a matter of territorial alternation, in Udine or Pordenone.

A step backwards that also worries local politics and the Region, which in recent years has collaborated effectively with Coni Fvg. “I hope that Brandolin will remain, given the excellent relationship established with the Region and the objectives achieved”, indicates the president of the regional council, Massimiliano Fedriga.

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