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Brazil and Portugal advance to South Korea and lose to Ghana

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Brazil and Portugal advance to South Korea and lose to Ghana

(Qatar World Cup) Comprehensive news: Brazil and Portugal advance to South Korea and lose to Ghana

China News Agency, Beijing, November 29th (Reporter Wang Zumin) On the morning of the 29th Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup ended the last 4 games of the second round of the group stage. Brazil and Portugal both won two consecutive victories and advanced ahead of schedule; the South Korean team lost to Ghana, and the prospects for qualifying are not good or bad.

After the two rounds of the group stage, the host team Qatar and the Canadian team, which returned to the World Cup after 36 years, were eliminated early, and the French, Brazil, and Portuguese teams, who were also favorites to win the championship, advanced ahead of schedule.

Cameroon 3:3 Serbia

A goal shootout that dramatically led to a draw. Although the two teams each scored 1 point, this result was obviously something neither side wanted to see.

In Group G, Cameroon and Serbia are relatively weak on paper. They lost to Switzerland and Brazil respectively in the first round.

After the game started, the two sides launched a confrontation. Serbia had the upper hand, but Cameroon scored first. In the 29th minute, the Cameroon team got a corner kick. Castelletto, who plays for the Ligue 1 Nantes team, found space and easily scored the goal. The Cameroon team led 1:0.

Under the “anger”, the Serbian team responded by scoring 3 goals in a row-in stoppage time in the first half, the “post-00” teenager Pavlovic and Lazio midfielder Milinkovic each scored 1 goal; In the 52nd minute, Premier League striker Mitrovic once again pierced through the opponent’s goal, and the Serbian team took a 3:1 lead.

But then, the Serbian team immersed in the excitement of the “three combos” accidentally missed Jingzhou, and the defense line made mistakes one after another, causing the Cameroon team to successfully reverse offside twice. Two goals in a row within 3 minutes helped the Cameroon team to tie the score 3:3, and also allowed the Cameroon team, which had lost 8 consecutive games, to avoid the embarrassment of tying Mexico’s 9-game losing streak in the World Cup.

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However, the draw made Cameroon and Serbia both have only 1 point, and both fell into the predicament of qualifying for the group.

South Korea 2:3 Ghana

“Star of Africa” ​​once again demonstrated its “dark horse” potential in this cup.

In the first round of the match, Ghana, ranked 61st in the world and bottom of the top 32, lost 2:3 to the Portuguese team led by Ronaldo, and almost equalized the score in the final stoppage time. The ability is impressive.

In this service, “African Star” continued to give amazing performances. Facing the South Korean team (No. 28), which ranks much higher than itself, they took a 2-0 lead in the first half-in the 24th and 34th minutes, two young players, Salisu and Ku Duce each scored a goal.

After the start of the second half, the game once entered “Korean team time”. In the 57th minute, the 24-year-old striker Cao Kyu-sung, who played for the Korean K-League, received a cross from his teammate and scored with a header. Only 3 minutes later, Cao Guicheng scored twice, and the South Korean team equalized the score 2:2.

But the young Ghanaian team kept the South Koreans happy for less than 10 minutes. In the 68th minute, Koudus, the “post-00” who played for Ajax, also scored twice, helping the Ghana team to overtake again with 3:2. Kudus, who won the best player of the game after the game, also became the first player of the Ghanaian team to score 2 goals in a single game of the World Cup.

After the two rounds, the Ghana team jumped from the bottom of the group after the first round to the second in the group. The South Korean team, which drew with Uruguay in the first round, only scored 1 point, and the prospect of qualifying for the group was bleak.

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Brazil 1:0 Switzerland

The result of the Swiss team’s draw with Brazil failed to be repeated four years later, and the “Samba Legion”, which scored all 3 points, became the second team after the French team to advance to the top 16 ahead of schedule.

In the first round, both teams won. Therefore, the Swiss team, which is at a disadvantage, strives to keep the tie and relive the dream of four years ago. In the 2018 Russia World Cup group stage, the Swiss team drew with Brazil 1:1, and finally both teams advanced to the round of 16.

Brazil’s offensive core Neymar and main right back Danilo both missed the game due to injuries, which damaged the strength of the “Samba Army”. After the start of the game, although the Brazilian team, which lacked arrows, had the advantage on the field, they gained momentum in front of the Swiss team’s “iron barrel formation” and failed to score.

The only goal of the campaign came in the second half. In the 83rd minute, the 30-year-old Manchester United midfielder Casemiro volleyed the goal after getting the ball from the left side of the penalty area, which made the Swiss team’s “wishful thinking” in the final stage fall short.

After the second round, the Brazilian team won both games and advanced ahead of schedule, Switzerland with 3 points, Cameroon and Serbia with 1 point each. In the final round of the group stage, Brazil VS Cameroon, Switzerland VS Serbia. The Swiss team won the promotion. At the same time, as long as the Brazilian team does not lose to the Cameroon team, the Swiss team can also qualify for a tie.

Portugal 2:0 Uruguay

The Portuguese team became the third team to advance to this cup with a “revenge battle” victory.

In the last cup, the two teams met in the 1/8 finals. At that time, Suarez assisted Cavani to score the first goal, and then Cavani scored twice. Uruguay eliminated the Portuguese team led by Ronaldo 2:1. Today, the old boys Ronaldo, Suarez and Cavani, all over 35 years old, gathered again in Qatar, but this time, Ronaldo had the last laugh.

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After the first round, the Portuguese team, which defeated the Ghana team, temporarily ranked first in the group; the Uruguay team, which was tied by the South Korean team, scored 1 point. Only by winning this campaign can they occupy a favorable position in the group qualifying situation.

Therefore, the Uruguayan team took the lead in attacking at the beginning and created dangerous situations in front of the Portuguese team many times, but none of them broke the goal.

In the second half, the Portuguese team began to counterattack. In the 54th minute, Manchester United midfielder Fernandez broke the deadlock and scored the first for Portugal. In stoppage time, Fernandez made a penalty kick and scored, and the Portuguese team sealed the victory 2:0.

So far, the second round of the group stage of this cup is all over. The situation in Group H is the same as in Group G where Brazil is located. Portugal advances ahead of schedule with two consecutive victories, Ghana has 3 points, South Korea and Uruguay each have 1 point. In the final round of the group stage, Portugal VS South Korea, Uruguay VS Ghana.

In order for the South Korean team to advance, in addition to defeating the Portuguese team in the final round of the group stage, it also needs to look at the results of another match in the same group. Before the game, the South Korean team was considered to be the AFC team with the most hope of reaching the top 16 in this cup, but the prospect of promotion is currently slim.

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