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Brazil Prospect: Shocking the scoring record in South America, Neymar is absent from training – yqqlm

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Brazil Prospect: Shocking the scoring record in South America, Neymar is absent from training – yqqlm

Original title: Brazil Prospects: The impact of the scoring record in South America is for Neymar to miss training

At 7:30 a.m. on March 30, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Preliminary Tournament South America ushered in the 18th and final round of competition. Five-star Brazil visited the Hernando Hills Stadium in La Paz to challenge Bolivia. In this game, as long as Brazil wins, it can break the record for the highest score in South America in the World Qualifiers. With Neymar and Vinicius both sidelined for accumulated yellow cards, coach Tite was given a chance to find other ways of attacking. Coutinho, who has broken through the city of Bolivia four times before, is striving for the first three-game winning streak in the world preliminaries of his career.

Battle record

The two teams have faced each other 31 times in the history of A-level competitions. Brazil has 22 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses. The only game against the Selecao that they lost. In the last 5 games, Brazil has won 4 wins and 1 draw. In the first round of this World Qualifiers, Brazil swept Venezuela 5-0 at home. Statistics show that Brazil and Venezuela have met 16 times in the preliminaries of the World Cup, and the Selecao achieved 9 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses. On Friday, both teams played in the 17th round of the World Qualifiers. Brazil swept Chile 4-0 at home and Bolivia lost 3-0 to Colombia.

Aspect 1: Brazil’s win will break the record for the highest score in South America in the preliminaries

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In this world preliminaries, Brazil has performed very well. It qualified for the Qatar World Cup six rounds ahead of schedule, breaking the record for the fastest qualifying in South America in the world preliminaries. As of the 17 rounds of the World Preliminaries in South America, Brazil, which has played one game less, has achieved 13 wins and 3 draws in 16 games, and is far ahead in the standings with 42 points. Statistics show that if Brazil can beat Bolivia away in the 18th round, it will break the record for the highest points in South America in the World Qualifiers. At present, the highest scoring record belongs to Argentina. They were created in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Preliminary Match. The Pampas Eagles achieved 13 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss in 18 games at that time. They scored 43 points and qualified four rounds ahead of schedule.

Aspect 2: Brazil is looking for an offensive solution without Neymar

In this World Preliminary, Brazil was able to easily qualify because of Neymar’s super performance, and his performance was even far better than Argentina’s Lionel Messi. Statistics show that Neymar has played 10 times in this world preliminaries, scoring 8 goals and 8 assists, ranking second in the South American scorer list and first in assists. It is no exaggeration to say that Neymar is the guarantee of Brazil’s goals. Sadly, the probability of Neymar being absent is too high, how can Brazil score goals without him? Neymar missed the World Preliminary match against Bolivia in Brazil due to accumulative yellow cards, so this irrelevant game will be the best test field for coach Tite to find an offensive plan without Neymar.

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Aspect 3: Coutinho strives for three consecutive kills in the World Preliminaries

In the winter window of this year, Coutinho returned to his former peak form after leaving Barcelona to join Aston Villa. The same is true for the national team. He scored in the last two World Preliminary matches and helped Brazil win 4-0 successively. The score beat Paraguay and Chile. In Coutinho’s career, he has never completed the feat of killing three in a row. However, it is relaxed to A-level competitions. He has completed three consecutive A-level competitions in 2018. He scored goals in three consecutive A-level competitions, helped Brazil win 3-0 in the warm-up match against Austria, and then drew 1-1 with Switzerland and 2-0 in the two World Cup group matches. win over Costa Rica. Statistics show that Bolivia is Coutinho’s favorite team, and he has broken the team’s city 4 times.

pre-match public opinion

Brazil coach Tite: I want to apologise to Arsenal, “the news that I am interested in the Arsenal coaching position” did not come from us, and there is absolutely no such thing. There is so much fake news right now, I am saddened by the false information, and I hope that this information can be corrected. Because I respect the Brazil team, my family can rest easy. I’m sad because what the public got was a lie. I tell those who identify with me to be calm because I take my career seriously and I know the responsibility I have for Brazil. Right now, I’m only focusing on Brazil’s upcoming game against Bolivia and the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

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Injury report

Bolivia: none

Brazil: Ederson (ill), Neymar (suspended), Vinicius (suspended), Rafinha (injured), Gabriel (injured)

Predicted starter

Bolivia (5-4-1): 12-Cordano/17-Fernandez, 21-Sagredo, 5-Jose-Carrasco, 4-Acan, 19-Ennuba/16-John- Garcia, 15-Frans Gonzalez, 8-Villaroel, 9-Menacho/11-Monte Negro

Brazil (4-2-3-1): 12-Vervalton/6-Teles, 14-Militão, 4-Marquinhos, 13-Alves/15-Fabinho, 17- Guimaraes/18-Anthony, 11-Coutinho, 19-Martinelli/9-Richardson

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