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Brazil-Tunisia 5-1: banana launched towards Richarlison

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Brazil-Tunisia 5-1: banana launched towards Richarlison

In Paris, Selecao wins 5-1: O’Ney to 75 goals, -2 from Pele’s record. Tunisian fans protagonists in negative with a racist gesture after a goal

Friendly? In fact, it already seems like a world climate. Brazil beat Tunisia 5-1 in the last match before the start of the expedition to Qatar. In the first half the game is rough, sometimes even violent, but at the end of the first half five of the six total goals are scored. Raphinha scores a brace, Neymar converts a penalty, Richarlison and the former Fiorentina Pedro, who entered the second half, close the score. At the start of the game Taibi marks the momentary equal of Tunisia, but Brazil takes little to get the game back in hand. To drag the verdeoro are the authors of the goals, Raphinha and Richarlison, as well as the usual Neymar, who plays in “his of him” Parco dei Principi. And it is Neymar himself who is the number one danger for his opponents and the target of Tunisian fans, who try to annoy him with lasers from the stands.


It’s a different Brazil than the one that beat Ghana 3-0 last week. On the right wing, in place of Militao, there is the Juventus player Danilo. Vinicius outside, Fred inside. One less striker, one more midfielder: the team appears more defensive, but it is only defensive on paper. In Tunisia holder Bronn, central defender of Salernitana.


It only takes a few minutes for Brazil to crush the Africans in their own half. And in the 11th minute he unlocks the result: Casemiro’s throw diagonally for Raphinha, who sees the goalkeeper Dhamen a bit advanced and overtakes him with a beautiful header. But Tunisia is not afraid and reacts. At 17 ‘Slimane’s free-kick crosses the head of the defender Talbi, who scores the equal goal. Brazil did not break down and it was Richarlison who gave the South Americans the lead in the 18 ‘after Raphinha’s throw. Tunisia protests for a possible offside, but after a quick check from the Var French referee Ruddy Buquet confirms the goal. Brazil celebrates, and from the stands the fans of Tunisia, in the clear majority at the Parco dei Principi, throw a banana to the players. The Brazilian federation reacted immediately, condemning the episode with a tweet, strengthening its commitment to combat all forms of racism. At 28 ‘Casemiro is held back by Laidouni in the area and Neymar converts the penalty, displacing the goalkeeper and signing the 3-1. It is the 75th goal of the PSG ace with the Selecao shirt, which is now only two points off Pele’s record. Before the break Raphinha, assisted by Richarlison, drops the poker with a nice low shot that touches the post before bumping into the net. But that’s not all, because before the interval it is Bronn who gets sent off for a bad kick to trip Neymar.

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In the second half, the spirits are more serene. In the green-gold swirl of changes, Pedro and Vinicius take the place of Richarlison and Paqueta. At 29 ‘it is the former viola, now at Flamengo, to sign his first goal with the Brazilian national team after a phrasing between Vinicius and Neymar. At 32 ‘of the second half it is time for another first time: Roma defender Ibanez makes his debut Selecao, replacing another former Giallorossi, Marquinhos.

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