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Breakfast with panettone or pandoro?

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Breakfast with panettone or pandoro?

🎄 Breakfast with #panettone or #pandoro?
It’s not done. But if you do (it’s life too, right?!) it’s good to adopt some strategy to reduce the glycemic impact.

🍽️ Before enjoying your slice of panettone or pandoro, take a food source of #protein preferably with a low glycemic index such as an egg white omelette or salmon SMOKED or lean sliced. Also good to follow is white or Greek yogurt. Alternatively, you can opt for a protein shake to get the right amount of this nutrient in a single, simple gesture.

🏃 ♀️ The best solution could also be to consume this dessert in the #breakfast before training or, if you’ve done #fasting training, in the following breakfast.

🧙🏼 ♀️ Tomorrow is the #epiphany, that all parties take away and… with them also pandoro and panettone. To return to habits, the advantageous ones. But we like to take it easy and this year we’re giving ourselves a few more days 😉 We start again from Monday!

Photo: Valentina Celeste

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