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Breaking World Records and Winning Gold Medals: The Inspiring Feats of Wen Xiaoyan and Tan Yujiao in the Asian Paralympic Games

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Original title: Breaking the world record and winning the gold medal (title)

They bloomed in the Asian Paralympic Games (theme)

Beijing Daily reporter Li Li

Yesterday, the Hangzhou Asian Para Games ushered in the fourth competition day after its opening. The Chinese delegation continued to maintain a strong momentum of winning gold medals, winning 38 gold medals, bringing the total number of gold medals to 156. On this day, two girls shined on the field, both breaking world records in their respective events. They are Tan Yujiao, the women’s 67kg weightlifting champion, and Wen Xiaoyan, the women’s 100m-T37 champion.

Yesterday morning, Wen Xiaoyan stood in the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium again. This was her third event in this tournament. In the end, she not only won the championship, but also broke the world record for the third time. This girl is so awesome. On the 24th, she first won the gold medal in the women’s long jump T37/38 finals with a time of 5.45 meters, improving her own world record of 5.22 meters by 23 centimeters; on the 25th, she again won the gold medal in the women’s 200m-T37 finals with a time of 26 He won the championship in 18 seconds, improving his own world record in this event by 0.4 seconds. In the women’s 100m-T37 competition on the 26th, Wen Xiaoyan once again broke the world record and won the gold medal with a time of 12.59 seconds.

Wen Xiaoyan, who was born in 1997, has had an unwillingness to admit defeat since she was a child. The dysfunction of her left limb does not prevent her from loving sports and competing on the field. In the eyes of her first coach, this little girl is not only talented in sports, but also endures hardships. In the Paralympic Games, Wen Xiaoyan is also a veteran. She won 5 gold medals at the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games, and 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the last Asian Paralympic Games in Jakarta. When it comes to the Paris Paralympic Games, Wen Xiaoyan is very confident: “I feel that I still have room for improvement. I will keep working hard and continue to surpass myself at the Paris Paralympic Games.”

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“Today I used 4 perfect attempts to lift 141 kilograms (breaking the world record). I think I announced to the world: I, Tan Yujiao, am back!” This is the second girl Tan Yujiao to break the world record on the 26th. she said excitedly in an interview after the game.

When she was seven years old, Tan Yujiao was diagnosed with osteomyelitis of her right foot and needed surgery. Shortly after the surgery, she broke her foot, leaving her right leg underdeveloped. In 2003, she began to participate in the training of the disabled powerlifting team in Xiangtan, Hunan. In 2009, Tan Yujiao represented China in the competition in India. This was her first appearance in the international arena, and it was also the first time she watched the national flag as it slowly rose. In her 20-year sports career before the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, she won 37 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and broke world records 19 times.

At this Asian Paralympic Games, Tan Yujiao was selected as the first torchbearer. On October 19th, the torch in Tan Yujiao’s wheelchair was lit by the Qiandao Lake in Chun’an. On that day, she felt like a fire in her heart: “I hope to convey to the world the spirit of athletes’ tenacity, self-improvement, striving for excellence, and pursuit of excellence. I hope to show the world the self-reliance, self-reliance, confidence, and positive spirit of ordinary disabled people.”


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