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Bressana still dry, passes the Seventh

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Bressana still dry, passes the Seventh

The oranges run into the second consecutive home defeat. Good first half, the collapse in the second half


One time each, too bad for Bressana not to have found the goal in his 45 minutes (those of the first half) of territorial control of the field. And instead the Settimo Milanese, fresh from relegation and eager to rise again, scored two in the second half. A heavy 0-2 home for Bressana still dry of victories and last in the team trio with only one point at the end of the standings with Viscontea and Rozzano. Bressana have lost both home matches so far and have conceded two goals in all three games played so far. The goal of the club of president Luigi Greco is to achieve a calmer salvation than the stormy one of last season (comeback at the play out), but the beginning of the year suggests something else: that is a championship in which there will be a fight.

And to say that yesterday’s start with a tough opponent like the Settimo Milanese can leave positive signs for Cristiano Civardi’s team. After a study start and a few acute the game ignites shortly after the quarter of an hour. And Bressana was the first to reach the point of advantage. Lost ball in the right lane from Bressana and in quick succession Farina and Bruni look for the big target but without hitting the mark. On the turnaround comes the only jolt of the red and white guests of the first fraction, a shot from the edge of Anelli who shaves the post to the left of the Lodigiani home goalkeeper.

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The Bressana then presses on the accelerator in search of the advantage, also hitting two woods and making the home fans jump several times. The control of the ball is of the orange (yesterday in a dark version) who always maneuver dangerously on the three quarters of the Seventh. The winning pocket would also be there, two from the end of the first half, but face to face launched against the goalkeeper Farina is hypnotized by missing the appointment with the goal.

An action that will mark a watershed in the game. In fact, in the second half the inertia of the challenge shifts to the side of the guests. And eight minutes are enough for the turning point. Retorted by Lodigiani on Michelini’s treacherous shot, the rings category bomber arrives quickly: 0-1.

The game here takes the direction of the Seventh who puts a mortgage on the challenge by transforming a penalty, again with Anelli, at 18 ‘after a knockdown in the area. A 0-2 which effectively marks the end of the game. The reaction of Bressana is rather sterile, the Seventh keeps the point without wasting too much energy. The final game no longer offers particular thrills, neither on one side nor the other.

Next Sunday Bressana is called to redemption at the home of Vighignolo, another team from Settimo Milanese. The Milanese scored 5 points, the result of two draws in the first two, while yesterday they overtook Robbio.—

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