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Brexit immediately Nutribullet shuts down London Now the Danes

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The first in Europe is almost a formality for Treviso Sims and Bortolani dominate, the English knocked out. Tomorrow the Bears


No trembling, no performance anxiety: the “absolute beginners” of Treviso, to begin with, have eaten the Londoners and tomorrow night they will compete against the Danes for a place in the final of the Champions League preliminaries. An evening to be put already among the historical ones, even more enjoyable for the return to the south curve of the Fioi (welcome back home) who have brought the decibels back to those of the good times.

Above all, the naturalness of the approach was appreciated: TvB entered the continental context as if it had always been there, obviously helped by the home factor but also relying on the awareness of its own strength. Fifth in a row in official competitions, the absence of captain Imbrò at the moment is well hidden by a team that also sent six in double figures last night. But really everyone brought their brick against an opponent who might not be transcendental, okay, but always to be respected especially for those who had never been at this level. Nutribullet that went away in progression using his favorite weapons: defense “made in Menetti” and a Sims who did what he wanted as long as he remained on the field (17 ‘).

After Kelley TvB’s initial tap-in he puts 5 in a row but Bortolami’s mistakes prevent him from escaping in a race with a very high pace. The British are a bit scholastic, but they keep rebounding and shooting happily from three and every now and then they put it. That’s how they stay afloat, at least for now. Sims strikes, even from outside (6 points in 6 minutes), but when Bortolani also starts bombing, the draw comes in double figures. The changes of Menetti (Chillo, Casarin, Soko and Jones) keep the pace high and indeed the table basket of Chillo at the end sets a comforting +11. And also at the beginning of the second quarter the Nutribullet pushes to the tablet: Russel’s chocolates push on 29-15, it’s 12 ‘. Here, maybe limiting the usual turnovers would not be a bad idea, in fact the Lions with Reese take the opportunity to go under the double figures (31-23) in a moment of offensive abstinence of ours. But it’s only a moment: Sims, truly unstoppable for everyone (13 at half-time) and Bortolani pack a 4-0, even if there is Akele’s third foul. Before the long rest there is also a +17 which begins to really understand what the difference in the forces on the field is.

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Even clearer at the beginning of the second half: the defensive pressure of our rooms at levels intolerable for the Lions, the +21 comes from Akele, is the 24 ‘. The 5/5 of Cousins ​​from three is just tickling, now Dimsa is also making wood, in any case Menetti on +14 calls time out, from which his team comes out finding the air of before and therefore soon the fan is reset: 61-41. Nutribullet does not spring for this reason on the contrary it always remains on the piece: the showcase is too important and as a freshman he wants to savor every moment of this absolute debut: Chillo’s bomb for the 71-46 at 32 ‘. And here you could really start pulling the oars in the boat, in anticipation of tomorrow night’s match with the Bakken Bears but it’s not like that, otherwise the coach could take it badly. And so Dimsa signs the +31 to 37 ‘, and the choirs of the Fioi dea Sud make you feel all right.

Now, after taming the English Lions you can think of the Danish Bears. Treviso in Europe broke the ice and got a taste for it: come on guys. –

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