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Brian Riemer responds to goalkeeper rumors and can count on Yari Verschaeren again: “He is a potential Golden Boot”

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Brian Riemer will celebrate one year at Anderlecht tomorrow with a match at Westerlo. The Anderlecht coach discussed various themes at the press conference. Oh yes, Dolberg and Verschaeren are in the selection, Hazard and Amuzu are still out.

1. Yari Verschaeren

Brian Riemer won’t wait any longer. Yari Verschaeren is in the selection, as is Kasper Dolberg. Since Hazard (knee) and Amuzu (pubalgia) are still out – perhaps until Thursday’s cup match against Standard – Verschaeren will get minutes. “A fit Yari Verschaeren is one of the best players in the Jupiler Pro League. A potential Golden Boot winner. Every club in Belgium would want him back as soon as possible. I see a player in training who is very hungry. Whether he is a competitor for Leoni and Stroeykens. He can also play on the wing, but emerged last year because he played centrally in his best position. We will see. We have already used 23 players and will need everyone.”

2. Alexis Flips

The Frenchman did not have a very good turn against RWDM and may disappear from the starting line-up again. Riemer doesn’t panic. “We always saw Alexis Flips as a project for the future. Of course you want it to work quickly, but look at Stroeykens and Leoni. They also needed time to blossom. Of course people then become impatient and some lose faith in Flips, but not us… He has all the qualities to succeed here in the long term. I told him to relax and not get frustrated. Then his time will come.”

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3. Mats Rits

Mats Rits is possibly one of the most underrated players at Anderlecht. He is not the most spectacular, but he keeps the team in balance. “You can see from my starting lineups how much I appreciate Mats. He first played as a number eight, but is now the number six as a controller for the defense. That’s really his role. For that we have players who cover a lot of space such as Delaney and Leoni, while Rits watches over the balance in the team and is even a playmaker from that position. He’s doing a great job.”

4. New goalkeeper?

The Icelandic goalkeeper Valdimarsson is mentioned at Anderlecht. Is Anderlecht looking for a new goalkeeper? “Then someone else will have to leave first,” Riemer said with a grin. “We have an excellent trio of goalkeepers at the moment. A lot of people want to create drama between those guys, but that’s not the case. I see smiling faces. Of course we always look for good players for the future. It is Jesper Fredberg’s job, but we will see if something happens in January.”

The Icelandic goalkeeper Valdimarsson. — © IMAGO/Maciej Rogowski

5. One year of Riemer

“A score for myself out of 100? Ohla, I don’t like to judge my own work. You guys do that. All I can say is that I really enjoy this job. I came here to push Anderlecht back to the top and am working hard on that project. But I also set the bar high for myself. I know that things can be a lot better and that there is a lot to gain. I try to realize those great ambitions. At this point in the season I think we have pretty much earned the points we deserve. Not more, but also not less. We only have 12 out of 24 outdoors. That is insufficient. We have to work on that too.”

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