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Brindisi-Messina: it wasn’t the return that everyone dreamed of

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Brindisi-Messina: it wasn’t the return that everyone dreamed of

Brindisi shows up at the “Fanuzzi” in the midst of a crisis of results and at the end of the ninety minutes manages to suffer yet another defeat against friendly walls. Despite the unfavorable climate and the adverse fate, however, it is always nice to return, because beyond everything the Curva Sud Michele Stasi it demonstrates everything that those who take the field are missing. Love for the shirt, anger, determination to defend this category so laboriously regained last season until the end. Precisely because of this, the presence and contribution provided are worth double, also encouraged on this pleasant Saturday evening in March, by the indirect comparison with a good ultras representation from Messina.

Starting from the home fans, the South responds by being present, gathered behind the usual banner that displays itself on the window. Despite the dubious spectacle seen on the pitch, their support proves to be continuous from the first to the last minute, supported by flags always flying in the wind and characterized by an incitement mainly aimed at the city and its football representation.

The disappointment is obviously great on the sidelines of the race, after more than a decade of struggling in the amateur championships, much more momentum was expected from this return to Serie C, which instead is giving a completely anonymous season and whose epilogue unfortunately seems like a new restart from below. It wouldn’t be easy for any fan but they remain in their place, despite the discontent, demonstrating with facts that they undoubtedly deserve more.

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Guests instead arrive from Sicily in excellent numbers. Messina is not just around the corner, but the Giallorossi ultras also honor this trip in a big way, as they always do. High level performance between chants, smoke bombs and flags always flying in the wind. Nothing to complain about this fan base who, regardless of the refreshing result of the three points, demonstrate quality and quantity.

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