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British media: Barcelona want to buy Sterling but they can’t afford it_Manchester City

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Original title: British media: Barcelona wants to buy Sterling but they can’t afford it

On November 14, Beijing time, according to the “Mirror” report, although Manchester City has no interest in letting Sterling leave, La Liga giants Barcelona still hope to do their best and pursue the England star as soon as possible.

Sterling is currently the target of many teams, because his situation at Manchester City this season is not ideal. The 26-year-old player shined in the 2020 European Cup and can be regarded as the first hero of the England team, but after that, he returned to Manchester City only appeared in the starting lineup in three Premier League games.

At the beginning of this month, Barcelona has already stated their position. Given that Starling’s current contract with Etihad is only the last 18 months, they believe that they are capable of fulfilling Manchester City’s conditions with a relatively reasonable amount. Buy or exchange Sterling.

According to reports, Barcelona chairman Laporta even said in front of more than 60 reporters that the Catalan team is actively seeking the possibility of this transaction with Manchester City.

But they are likely to be disappointed, because according to a report in the “Manchester Evening News“, Manchester City executives firmly stated that Sterling will not transfer and leave this year-which ruled out Barcelona’s desire to grab orders in the winter window. Possibility of starting.

On the other hand, although he did not use Sterling too much, British media still believe that Guardiola is eager to keep the England winger in his team and expect him to fight for the position. Rise again.

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There are many Manchester City players who have had such a precedent. They have regained their feet from the edge of the Etihad bench and launched a Jedi counterattack-Bernardo Silva is the best example. In the past summer, people thought that the Portuguese star seemed destined to leave Manchester City, but looking at him now, he is already an indispensable part of Manchester City’s main lineup.

The club does not lack faith in this area, and they believe that Sterling’s situation may follow a similar pattern.

Another very embarrassing fact is that even if the situation changes, it is difficult for Barcelona to really afford Sterling’s expenses.

Throughout the past summer, and even in the new season, Barcelona’s financial problems have been a big headline in football media around the world, and they finally lost their talisman Messi at that time.

Although Barcelona has taken various measures to reduce expenditures as much as possible and maintain the club’s finances, they still are unable to provide sufficient funds for Sterling’s transfer. According to the “Metro” report, Sterling is currently The transfer value of Barcelona is about 45 million pounds, which is too high for Barcelona and they can’t afford it.

An interesting little story is that although Sterling did not rule out the possibility of future transfers, his appearance in Manchester City did not affect his appearance on behalf of the Three Lions, so he personally agreed to stay in Manchester City longer. time. After that, the Three Lions coach Southgate spoke a “warning”, claiming that despite his brilliance in the European Cup, Sterling’s position in England is not “irreplaceable”.Return to Sohu to see more

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