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Brozovic leaves Inter. The auction is ready: Juventus is there

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Brozovic leaves Inter.  The auction is ready: Juventus is there

The Croatian is also in the notebooks of Barcelona, ​​Real and Chelsea. The Nerazzurri club value him at 30 million thanks to the contract until 2026

Inter, once Brozo-centric, have discovered that there is life even without Marcelo Brozovic. And he also understood that showcasing the Croatian director at the right time could bring good results. It’s an idea for the next market, which has grown in recent times given that many around Europe like the Croatian’s electricity and geometries: from the greats of Spain to the wealthy Chelsea, also passing through Juve called for reconstruction. In any case, the Nerazzurri have now placed Brozo in the “transferable” list, both for economic and strictly technical reasons. Marcelo is at the top of the earnings in Appiano with a salary, rounded up just last year, to 6.5 million euros including bonuses until 2026: for a club with limited self-financing, with particular attention to signings, selling him would be a substantial savings. In addition, the first part of the season reassured everyone about his presumed irreplaceability: in these four months without the Croatian, Inzaghi’s team has found alternative sources to drink from in the game. And if the Nerazzurri have accumulated this abyss from Naples it is certainly not because Simone’s midfield has been without the old director. The intention for 2023-24 is therefore quite clear: the probable offers arriving for the Croatian will be listened to with sharp antennas. It’s a philosophical change compared to the intentions of the beginning of the season: only in September did the Croatian, fresh from his lavish renewal, seem the pillar of today and tomorrow. Attention, in Inter there is no declared will to get rid of Marcelo regardless, rather from now on they will try to take advantage of an evolving situation. In short, an attempt will be made to monetize as much as possible the possible transfer of a player who is, in any case, 30 years old. What’s more, the way Marcelo handled the controversial recovery from the last injury to his left calf didn’t go down well with the club: Brozo used his lead feet (a little too much), also on the advice of his personal trainer, Andreja Milutinovic. Quirks of fate, the Serbian professional has recently also become “Head of Performance” of a competing team, based in the same city and wearing a Rossoneri shirt.

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Therefore, something very similar to an auction could arise, with participants to be sought among the European high nobility. It’s a list of teams that have had the Croatian in their notebook for quite a while and that could turn interest into action thanks to the Nerazzurri’s new attitude. Already in this market, for example, Barcelona has intertwined a thread with Inter: there was talk of possible exchanges and the first name Xavi made in every possible joint was always Brozo. The interest of Real is, however, of a dynastic nature: they are looking for a definitive heir for Luka Modric and the former Ballon d’Or himself has given excellent references from his compatriot. Without forgetting that the greatest approval comes from the head, from Carlo Ancellotti. At Chelsea, then, an independent Croatian republic is being born: Mateo Kovavic will soon be joined by the jewel of the defense Josko Gvardiol and, in the midfield of the future, the Blues are looking for a Brozo-style game builder, who would also fill the box left by Kante. It’s good to look abroad, but it’s better not to forget the surrounding reality: Juve considered knocking on Brozo’s door when, last season, Marcelo hadn’t renewed yet and the risk of expiring was real. At that moment, however, the Interista was living a total idyll with clubs and fans, and so he didn’t consider any other option than signing a new contract. If the judicial situation at Juventus does not precipitate and if after a few outings in between (from McKennie to Paredes and Rabiot) there is room for a graft, the new management would put Brozovic at the top of the wish list: renewal in Turin it will also need some men of experience and guarantees.

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Inter, which value their director at around thirty million, would not tear their hair out in any case, also because in that role they patented a top-height Calhanoglu. The Turk had time and space to learn the new deliveries: since the match against Udinese on 18 September Inzaghi has not been able to use the Croatian as a starter. And November 13th was the last time Inter’s Marcelo tasted the pitch: 10′ against Atalanta, before stopping again due to a contracture in his usual dancing calf. The middle World Cup didn’t help in the recovery even if, without external advice, the number 77 would probably already be in the group. Instead, even in Cremona Chala and his companions will cheer on TV.

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