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Bruno makes a stop in San Benedetto to break into the professionals

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Born in 2003, the Udinese goalkeeper is on loan in the Marche Donati trained him and was sacked. “With sacrifices you get anywhere”


Life lasts for the Friulians in San Benedetto del Tronto. Where Massimo Donati was recently exonerated from the technical guidance of a Sambenedettese who until last year had big plans, with Stefano Colantuono as manager and Maxi Lopez still on the field, today a young goalkeeper is taking his first steps away from home. to pursue his dream. Francesco Bruno, born in 2003 from Moruzzo, is still waiting for his chance, convinced as it is that determination and desire are soft on which to load the drive towards success. “I would like to play with continuity among the professionals, perhaps even in Serie B, which I would prefer to a Serie A seen only behind the scenes, with some appearances here and there.”

At the moment the climb is still to be done, but the journey has been undertaken, as Udinese also knows well, which once seen at work, in one of the various Juventus academies, decided to sign up this boy who up to two years ago he lived only on healthy amateurism, between the Ol3 juniors and the Pro Fagagna. “Everything changed all of a sudden, and when I passed the audition I hardly believed it. Last year I was aggregated with the Juventus Primavera team behind Carnelos and I found little space, but then this year, after playing with the Cittadella at the beginning of the season, the club proposed the Sambenedettese to me, and so I accepted putting myself in game”. For the record, the Juventus club has loaned Bruno to the club of the volcanic president Roberto Renzi, a formula that does not facilitate young people who are not owned by the club to which they were shot. However, Francesco is delighted with the choice made. «I believe that if one wants to make sacrifices in life, he can go anywhere. In Udine I learned a lot with the trainer Davide Camatta, but now I have started a new path and I have decided to do it here, in an ambitious company and six hundred kilometers from home, where I left my father Paolo, my mother Cristina and my sister Stella. Here I have guaranteed board and lodging, but since we train in the morning, I skip school and attend evening courses ».

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After leaving Malignani in Udine, where he attended courses in mechanics and mechatronics, Bruno is therefore studying to become a goalkeeper, having fixed his model. «I am of the Juventus faith and therefore Gigi Buffon has always been my point of reference. Technically I still have to learn, especially the high balls, but in the one on one I throw myself between the feet of the attackers without fear ». –

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