Home Sports Bubacco: «The Belluno Dolomites brought enthusiasm. I have faith for the tournament “

Bubacco: «The Belluno Dolomites brought enthusiasm. I have faith for the tournament “

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Giovanni Bubacco, goalkeeper of the Belluno series C of the 70s

The goalkeeper of Belluno in Serie C was in the stands on Saturday to see the 2-2 with Este. “We led the game, it’s a pity we missed the usual dash of captain Corbanese”

Corbanese’s leap was missing, but the Belluno Dolomites are there and according to him they can do well.

Giovanni Bubacco was one of the over 500 spectators of the Polisportivo on Saturday afternoon. Together with some friends he took his place in one of the new seats in the central grandstand and looked at Renato Lauria’s team for the first time, beginning to get an idea of ​​the team.

By the way, let’s remember how De Paoli’s goal in the 97th minute allowed to snatch the 2-2 in extremis, after the double advantage of Este between 25 ‘and 34’ and Petdji’s goal with which the distances (37 ‘).

Returning to Bubacco, his Belluno no longer exists, of which he had defended the posts in the years of the Serie C, but he does not say he is nostalgic for the yellow and blue colors, on the contrary. In short, he supports the project and hopes for great satisfaction for the association called to represent provincial football.


“I had not gone to Feltre in the previous three matches between the league and the Italian Cup,” says Bubacco, still remembered with great affection by the historic fans of Belluno. On the other hand, it is impossible to forget the almost mythological formation “Bubacco, Cecco, Grion…”. The present, however, is called the Belluno Dolomites.

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«Against the Este it was my season debut at the stadium. The most beautiful aspect of the union between Belluno, San Giorgio Sedico and Union Feltre is noting how much enthusiasm has been created in the whole environment. The hope, of course, is that it will increase over time ».

In short, demolishing the bell towers and leaving aside the colors to aim for a single common force is something that the former goalkeeper supports one hundred percent.

“No doubt. In my day, when I was playing here, some fans came from Germany to watch the games. Do you therefore want fans of Sedico or Feltre not to reach the Polisportivo now, not to mention the other areas of the province? The executives have carried out a great operation, I’m sure of it ».


Bubacco then continues with the examination of the Dolomiti Bellunesi operation as a whole, tying up to the hitherto fluctuating start of the season in terms of results: elimination from the Cup, victory with Levico at the debut, double defeat between Luparense and Arzignano, affirmation in Cattolica and even remedied in extremis against the Este.

«Going back to the discourse of enthusiasm, the results also bring it, you know. The other day the team made a good impression on me. We led the game, it was a pity to have conceded two goals on the development of inactive ball. Luckily we shortened it immediately and then managed to score a draw at the last attack. Unfortunately, the usual Corbanese miracle was missing, and in general it was difficult to realize the great amount of play created. However, I remain confident about the continuation of the year and in general of everything concerning the Belluno Dolomites ».GIANLUCA DA POIAN

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