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Budget cap not respected, Ferrari is tough: “Maximum transparency and severity”

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Budget cap not respected, Ferrari is tough: “Maximum transparency and severity”

The sports director Mekies on the roof at the costs (perhaps) breached by Red Bull and Aston Martin: “Serious case, the FIA ​​must ascertain the fact because it would be huge figures, we need certainty of the rules. The sanction? If not for the past, it must have a real value at least for the future ”

Giusto Ferronato

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Maximum transparency and severity. This is Ferrari’s position regarding Red Bull and Aston Martin’s alleged overrun of the cost ceiling for the 2021 F1 racing season. The FIA ​​has announced that in the next few days the report of the panel that supervised compliance with the spending limit of 145 million dollars of the teams last season will be disclosed. And that if there have been overruns, they will be prosecuted. However, there is already talk of a limit not respected by Red Bull and Aston Martin and this has put Mercedes and Ferrari on a war footing, which are now asking for clarity and severity.

exemplary management

Ferrari has entrusted sporting director Laurent Mekies with the position on the issue: “It is no longer a secret that some teams have been above the limits imposed by the FIA ​​- he said – one very heavily (Red Bull; ed), one in perhaps less significant (Aston Martin; ed). It is something very serious for which we expect an exemplary management and stance from the Federation. We trust the FIA, they have taken very strong positions in recent weeks and therefore we expect maximum transparency and severity on a problem of this gravity to ensure that everyone runs in the same conditions, these spending differences are gigantic “.

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puzzled fans

Mekies asks the FIA ​​for investigations and interventions: “First of all, it is important that the FIA ​​ascertain that there has been an overshoot. Once this is established, it is defined that these are the rules that everyone must respect. Then comes the phase of penalization which concerns the implications that there were in 2021, 2022 and 2023. But the most important thing is to establish the overshoot and what are the rules you compete with. Is this all bad for the fans? It is something we have to live with. We understand that for the fans it is not nice to rethink a result achieved in the past, but even more important is that a penalty has a real value if not for the past and certainly for the future. ” It is clear that both Mercedes and Ferrari are hoping above all for a fine that hinders the future developments of the great rivals.

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