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Bundesliga: After the 0:6, Darmstadt’s professionals have to speak to the capo

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Bundesliga: After the 0:6, Darmstadt’s professionals have to speak to the capo

Bundesliga 0:6 against Augsburg

“Not worthy to wear the jersey” – Darmstadt’s professionals have to speak to the capo

Status: 02.03.2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Newly promoted Darmstadt lacks any Bundesliga suitability in the duel with FC Augsburg – and suffers a heavy defeat. Rescue is becoming a long way off. After the game, the capo talks to the professionals. A fight then breaks out among the fans.

They were dejected. Understandable, as they had just suffered a bitter defeat. Darmstadt 98 lost 6-0 at home to FC Augsburg – and conceded five goals in the first half alone. Now that the game was over, the promoted team’s players stood in front of the fan curve. The capo had gone to them on the lawn – and was talking to the players.

He didn’t sing like he usually does. He gestured, he spoke loudly. He was upset, but apparently found the right words. At least that’s what goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen’s statements allowed, who gave Sky an insight into his emotional world after the debacle.

“People’s sensitivity makes it worse for me. Even after such a defeat, we didn’t deserve so much respect for ourselves today. They could have thrown things at us and insulted us, I would have understood all that. We weren’t worthy of wearing the jersey today,” said Schuhen. “For us it was a slap in the face that hurts brutally,” said the Darmstadt professional, who doesn’t want to give up his belief in staying in the league. “But it goes on. I believe.”

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But apparently things weren’t quite so peaceful with the Darmstadt annex. As “Bild” reports, Darmstadt fans brutally beat each other with their fists. According to the newspaper, moderate Lilien supporters did not agree that the head of the ultras made an emotional announcement to the team on the pitch. Some of the Ultras responded to the criticism with blows.

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Darmstadt’s president Rüdiger Fritsch described the 90 minutes as a “nightmare”, but also expects a reaction from the team. “We will not voluntarily lower our flags and we will not deregister,” said Fritsch. The newcomer, who played well in the 1-1 draw in Bremen last week and was unlucky with two goals disallowed, is heading towards direct relegation after the 17th game without a win in a row. Phillip Tietz (1st/84th minute) and Ermedin Demirovic (20th/29th) each scored twice. Fredrik Jensen (12th) and Ruben Vargas (24th) contributed the other goals for Augsburg.

Third-fastest lead in Bundesliga history

The Darmstadt debacle began early. The minute hand had just completed its first revolution when the home side were already behind after a major mistake by Jannik Müller. The defender played a cross pass from his own penalty area into the feet of Tietz, who effortlessly finished from 15 meters.

The bottom of the table repeatedly offered the guests space, which they consistently used. Vargas was denied by Darmstadt goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen, who was powerless against Jensen shortly afterwards. The third goal was again preceded by a serious defensive error. This time Klaus Gjasula made a mistake. After that, the home team’s heads finally went down, so Augsburg had an easy game and scored two more goals by the 29th minute.

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It was the third-fastest 5-0 lead in Bundesliga history at that point. Only SC Freiburg achieved this feat faster in their 6-0 win in Mönchengladbach (2021) and Gladbach in their 10-0 win against Eintracht Braunschweig (1984) – both were 5-0 ahead after just 25 minutes.

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