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Bundesliga football: Fans of 1. FC Union provoke an interruption

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Bundesliga football: Fans of 1. FC Union provoke an interruption

Bundesliga fans throw tennis balls

Abandonment threatens – Union fans provoke the game to be interrupted

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The fans of 1. FC Union provoked a half-hour break in the game

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And again the tennis balls are flying in the Bundesliga stadiums. It is particularly violent in the game between 1. FC Union and Wolfsburg. Berlin fans provoke a half-hour interruption. The reaction of many supporters to the protest is alarming.

The fans of 1. FC Union are picking up where they left off in the 1-1 draw in Mainz last Wednesday in the home game against VfL Wolfsburg (click here for the live ticker). Berlin supporters are protesting against the entry of an investor into the German Football League (DFL). They did not change the form of the protest. In the 27th minute, tennis balls rained down from the fan blocks. The supporters kept throwing balls onto the lawn.

Both teams gathered on the sidelines and watched the action. In the stands, fans unfurled a banner that read, “Private equity locusts without influence? Don’t take us for fools.”

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Referee Matthias Jöllenbeck sent the players to the dressing rooms and only released the game again after more than half an hour. The protest was not well received by all spectators in the stadium – many supporters whistled at the tennis ball throwers. After Jöllenbeck had started the game again, tennis balls flew from the guest fan block – the game was interrupted again. If there are further interruptions in the second half, the game could be abandoned.

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During the game in Mönchengladbach against Darmstadt 98, fans once again grabbed tennis balls. Referee Sascha Stegemann had no choice but to interrupt the game. Also in Augsburg, during the FCA game against RB Leipzig, objects flew out of the fan block, including a folding chair. In Bremen, fans refrained from protesting. However, not because they agree with any investor involvement, but because they did not want to spoil the club’s 125th anniversary with a disruptive action.

One billion euros for participation in TV revenues

The DFL is currently considering offers from Blackstone and CVC. At its core, it is particularly about strengthening the league’s foreign marketing. The investor is expected to pay one billion euros for a percentage share of the TV revenue. Of the 36 professional clubs, a two-thirds majority voted to continue the talks; the narrow vote result is being questioned by organized fan groups.

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Jan Christian Dreesen, CEO of FC Bayern Munich, does not assume that the fan protests can prevent an investor from joining the DFL. If the aim of individuals is to influence games using “unfair means”, he will take note of this: “But that will not change the fundamental attitude of the majority of the 36 Bundesliga clubs,” said Dreesen.

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