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Bundesliga-Lewand double shot Muller 3 passes and 1 shot Bayern 5-2 wins 3 consecutive wins lead

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Sing Tao World Wide Web News:At 21:30 on October 30th, Beijing time, a focus game in the 10th round of the Bundesliga of the 2021/22 season began to compete. Bayern Munich defeated the Berlin United 5-2 away, Lewand scored twice, Sane and Koeman scored. Muller made 3 passes and 1 shot. Bayern won 3 consecutive league victories.

CCTV reported that both sides were tied in both rounds last season. Bayern had 2 wins and 2 draws against Berlin in the previous 4 league matches. Koman, Toliso, Zule and Stanisic alternate appearances.

In the 15th minute, Yekel blocked Sane’s handball foul in the penalty area, and Lewandt made a penalty kick. In the 23rd minute, Kimmich set a free kick, Mueller stepped on it, and Lewand shot into the net in the penalty area, 2-0. In the 34th minute, Koeman made a cross from the right, Muller hit the spot, and Sane scored from close range, 3-0.

The Berlin United regained a city in the 43rd minute, Haraguchi Yuanqi crossed from the right and Gisselmann volleyed into the far corner 10 yards from the left of the penalty area, 1-3.

In the 60th minute, Muller passed the ball and Koeman broke into the right side of the penalty area and shot into the near corner, 4-1. In the 65th minute, Berlin United pulled one more city, Behrens broke into the penalty area to the left and passed back, and Luersson pushed forward into the net from the penalty area, 2-4. In the 79th minute, Pamecano passed the ball and Muller scored the net from 15 yards, 5-2.

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