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Bundesliga – Mane’s debut score Muciara doubles Bayern 6-1 Frankfurt_Kimich_Restricted area_Bayern Munich

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Bundesliga – Mane’s debut score Muciara doubles Bayern 6-1 Frankfurt_Kimich_Restricted area_Bayern Munich

Original title: Bundesliga – Mane’s debut broke the goal of Muciara, Bayern 6-1 Frankfurt

At 2:30 a.m. on August 6th, Beijing time, in the opening game of the 2022-23 Bundesliga, Bayern Munich played against Frankfurt. In the first half, Kimmich scored Bayern’s first goal of the season with a free kick, then Pavar, Mane, Musiala and Gnabry all scored a goal, Muller assisted twice, and Bayern 5-0 at halftime Leading Frankfurt; in the second half, Neuer made a mistake and sent Muani to push an empty goal to pull back a goal. Musiala helped Bayern expand the score. In the end, Bayern won 6-1 away from Frankfurt.

At the beginning of the game, in the 5th minute, Bayern scored the first goal! With a free kick opportunity from the right in the frontcourt, Kimmich chose to hit the goal directly from the free kick. Because there was still smoke on the scene, the goalkeeper could not save the ball and watch the ball go into the net. Bayern 1-0 Frankfurt.

In the 11th minute, Bayern expanded their lead, Kimmich took a corner kick, Muller’s shot in the penalty area was blocked not far, Pawar made a supplementary shot and scored, Bayern led 2-0.

In the 13th minute, Frankfurt almost scored, Kostic took a corner kick, and Tuta’s header in the penalty area hit the crossbar and popped out. In the 23rd minute, Bayern also had a shot at the center post. Mane followed up from the left to form a single-handed shot. Facing the goalkeeper, he chose to make a selfless cross. Muller’s right shot hit the post under interference. In the 27th minute, Bayern took the center post again, and Trapp threw a long shot from the top of the penalty area by Musiala, and then the ball hit the crossbar and popped out.

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In the 29th minute, Bayern scored again! Kimmich sent a long pass, Gnabry got the ball to the penalty area, Mane scored with a header, and Bayern 3-0 Frankfurt.

In the 35th minute, Mane sent a through ball, and Muller successfully followed up with a cross from the right in anti-offside.

In the 43rd minute, Bayern scored the fifth goal. Muller sent an oblique pass from the top of the penalty area. Gnabry followed up and hit the goal. The ball hit Trapp and still rolled into the goal. Bayern led 5-0!

At the end of the half, Bayern temporarily led Frankfurt 5-0.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 48th minute, Frankfurt had a chance to counterattack. Muani intercepted the ball in the midfield and made a pass from the left baseline, which was blocked from the baseline. In the subsequent corner kick, Kostic passed to the penalty area and was cleared. In the 55th minute, Frankfurt scored a goal but it was ruled invalid. Gotze passed the penalty area.

In the 64th minute, Frankfurt pulled a goal back! Neuer didn’t hold the ball in the backcourt, the ball was grabbed by Mouani and pushed the empty goal, Frankfurt was still 1-5 behind Bayern.

In the 70th minute, Kostic continued to dribble the ball and kicked out of bounds when the referee had blown the whistle, and the referee showed him a yellow card. In the 77th minute, Kimmich sent a pick from the right, and Sane crossed Mane in front of the goal. The latter failed to touch the ball and was cleared. In the 80th minute, Kimmich directly chose to hit the goal at the top of the arc in the penalty area, and the ball was taken by the goalkeeper.

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In the 83rd minute, Bayern expanded the score again, Mane scored the ball in the middle, Sane got the ball and sent a through ball, Muziara followed up and made some adjustments to score the ball. Bayern led Frankfurt 6-1.

At the end of the game, Bayern scored 5 goals in the first half to end the suspense of the game. In the end, they beat Frankfurt 6-1 away and got a good start.

Lineup for both sides

Bayern Munich: 1-Neuer, 5-Pavar (40-Mazrawi in the 81st minute), 2-Upamecano, 21-Lucas-Hernandez (4- in the 81st minute) De Ligt), 19-Alfonso-Davis, 42-Musiala, 6-Kimich, 18-Sabitzer (38-Grafenbech in the 58th minute), 25-Mueller ( 10-Sane in the 65th minute), 7-Gnabry (39-Tell in the 65th minute), 17-Mane

Frankfurt: 1-Trapp, 2-Endica, 35-Tuta (20-Hasebe Makoto in the 81st minute), 18-Almami-Ture, 36-Knauf, 8-Sou, 17- Rhodes (6-Yakic in the 46th minute), 10-Kstic (11-Alidu in the 75th minute), 29-Linderstrand (25-Lenz in the 46th minute), 27-Grid Ce, 19-Bore (9-Muani in the 46th minute)

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