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Burrai calls the Pordenone fans together

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Burrai calls the Pordenone fans together

He has seen and experienced many such challenges. Thus, from the height of his experience, Salvatore Burrai tries to whip up the black and green environment, a little depressed by the terrible week that saw Pordenone lose their primacy, starting from a plus 5 which seemed synonymous with escape.

Jokes of a championship leveled upwards, thanks to a Vicenza who with Modesto on the bench entered the fifth (like consecutive victories), overtaking the damages of the neroverdi right on the eve of the direct clash.

Sunday at Teghil (starting at 14.30) there will be a special atmosphere. In a context that promises to be worthy of the importance of the match: the tickets available to the visiting supporters have already sold out, and an important response is also expected from the Naonian supporters.

And Burrai explains why: «We need our fans, they’ve always been close to us, even in less happy moments like the one we’re going through. Hearing them from the pitch can give us the energy to win such an important match and smile again after this bad week».

Seven days, three matches, in which Pordenone conceded six goals, like in the previous 14 matches. Collecting only two points, the result of as many draws with Pro Sesto and Pro Patria. While a defeat came in Vercelli after six useful results.

Burrai tries to analyze the reasons for this unexpected decline: «In Serie C – observes the thirty-five-year-old Sardinian midfielder – you can never slow down. And perhaps we did to some extent.

Furthermore, we weren’t cynical in closing matches once we had the lead: I’m thinking of the match against Pro Patria. While in Vercelli there is little to say: the classic bad day, which can happen to anyone. Even if even in that circumstance we managed to create several goal chances».

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Reflections that must now be used to build the match of matches: «Vicenza and we were built to stay so high. No surprise. Where could the race be decided? In the middle of the field. There’s so much quality.” And the neroverdi fans are betting on him.

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